how long do your b/p sessions last?

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Kimmy P
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how long do your b/p sessions last?

hey i've been bulimic for a while now and i was just wondering how long some other peoples bingeing and purging periods go for. because i can go on constantly binging and purging for about 5 hours and i don't really know how bad that's going to affect me physically. also i've never used my fingers to make myself sick before, i just automatically bring it up, like regurgitation. does anyone else do this?

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totally me,

In both ways! Usually I'll have a Huge binge.. but it's the purging that can take up hours of my day. Once I remember spending 3 hours in the shower, eh. But yes.. In the beginning [of bp'ing I mean] I used to have to use Something, never my fingers, but always the end of a toothbrush or whatever worked. Then, after a while it got to the point where my body was so used to my forcing the food up, it learned to do it on it's own. That's when I started scaring even myself. It was hard to eat or drink anything, especially after a purge. I felt like everything wanted to sit in my throat, just waiting to come back up. And burping was out of the question, I hardly felt normal anymore. I hope you find the strength to beat this..

Kimmy P
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thankyou for your reply, it

thankyou for your reply, it really means alots. well my mother is on my case at the moment, really keeping a watchful eye on me and i do have to say that that has helped. today is my first day in abot a month that i haven't binged and purged and i have to say i'm pretty proud. i even went for a run so i'm feeling pretty good. i must stop this soon as i have my hsc this term arhhh. how are you going in your recovery/

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Hey, so my bp sessions last

Hey, so my bp sessions last anywhere from a 15 minute frantic binge to a day long binge where i slowly eat everything in the pantry and purge multiple times :p

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