How to not purge after a massive binge?

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How to not purge after a massive binge?

Help! I've been bulimic for 15 years and trying structured eating on off for a long time now, maybe four years. I've never succeeded and now I'm so desperate to succeed after a massive wake up call yesterday that I'm hoping someone on here can help. Every day I try structured eating, I eat enough calories and the right balance, and every evening I end up bingeing on massive amounts of food and purging. I've tried everything but nothing seems to help so now after just having a massive binge I'm thinking a final resort could be to not purge? But how? I think my body is broken as I've tried this twice before and both times woken up in the morning and thrown up over 10 hours later! Can my body not digest food anymore? Does anyone have any advice? What should I eat tomorrow if I don't purge? :-(

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Hi there :) I don't have the

Hi there :) I don't have the magic answer nor any advice really. Like you I'm still learning and finding my way! But I think what I have learnt from being on here is that it is a HUGE step to resist the purge! Sometimes I can resist the urge and sometimes I can't but every time you do resist the urge to purge you are re-wiring your brain to not automatically "want" to purge after you've eaten too much (binged) and then it gets easier to resist. Also, if I know that purging is not an option I am less likely to want to binge. Why be uncomfortable from overeating if you don't need to be?

I think you might also need to ask yourself if you really are eating enough? Plus are you eating what you really want? For me I binge when I've been restricting, even in the slightest! So you really need to ensure that you are getting everything you need everyday. Honestly, you may think you are eating enough but a lot of people on here will say it's very easy to restrict. It's our ED wired brains. We need to learn and TRUST that eating is ok and our bodies can handle food. Your body is not broken. Our bodies have this amazing ability to heal, we just need to let it, and trust that it will.

Finally, in response to your "what do I eat tomorrow if I don't purge" question is to just eat normally! Follow structured eating!!! Just keep pressing on! Do not restrict or skip a meal because you think you should! Perhaps your body might be less hungry because you binged the day before but do not let your brain/mind tell you that you need to restrict because you binged. This will only lead to binging later on. It's true.

Ok, so I think I've blabbered enough!! Hope you are doing ok and just hang in there! You can do this!!!

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Following SE properly is a

Following SE properly is a great start and without it I don't think I would have recovery. It was surprising to me though to learn that eating enough didn't prevent a binge. For me often I would eat and be hungry and one bite would take me from hungry to over full. Then I was triggered. In a triggered state its tough. What i realized if I was ever going to recover I would have to not purge no matter what. Often it was the most difficult thing ever and I did gain some weight but not as much as I would have thought. SE isn't just eating often it means not binging, in other words eating appropriately. So I really tried to do that but often couldn't and I hung on by the skin of my teeth. After about 7 months things really started to turn around. I started losing the weight I gained and the binge urges were way down. Recovery was the most difficult and yet rewarding thing ever. I am so grateful to be a normal eater now.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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Hi, have you thought about

Hi, have you thought about going to see your GP to determine if you have any specific deficiencies in your body.
I took a lot of tests and found out what I've got plenty of and what I'm lacking. As I have been able to balance my body through nutrition my constant cravings have disappeard. Which has made me less attracted to eating all the time which has decreased the number of opportunities for me to binge.
Sometimes I think just a simple multivitamin with breakfast can help.
Other things that has been absolute key to me is sleep and to try to relax. If I haven't slept enough I would binge. And sometimes I'm winded up after work which makes me binge.

You already know when, what time of the day your most prone to binge. So at that time it will be the absolute hardest time for you to not binge. Maybe if you could try to relax before you have the last meal of the day. For example: take a hot bath/shower and lay on the bed for ten minutes. Or listen to a relaxation tape. Cuddle the cat. Or practice some relaxation yoga.

Then when you're ready have your last meal for the day.

It can be good to clean up before eating and put everything back in the cupboard and then you don't have to close to fridge and pantry later.

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