How not to surrender to your 'crazed binge seeking self'?

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How not to surrender to your 'crazed binge seeking self'?

When we feel a binge coming on, what can we do not to surrender to it?

I know a lot of people recommend doing something relaxing or an activity to try to distract yourself from the potential binge. The number of times i have been told to 'just take a walk', or family members very supportively suggested that i should 'just pick up the phone to them, instead of the binge'. Do fellow suffers have success with these kinds of strategies?

In practice for me when I am vulnerable to a binge, I feel like I have absolutely no control over it and, I'm ashamed to admit, in that moment I just really really want it. The opportunity to delay it, or think about what I can do instead, just doesn't exist for me. In that dark moment, I just want the binge and I have to do it.

I have had a month of structured eating, and I know that as I continue my body chemistry will become more balanced. The binge urges will become less intense and perhaps when the dark moments comes I will feel like I have a choice not to binge.

But what can I do about it now? Do any fellow suffers have practical tips on how not to surrender to your 'crazed binge seeking self'?

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Well, the first thing I do is

Well, the first thing I do is get out my journal. I know my binge urge is caused by one of two things..either I've got some stress that needs to be addressed, or I am indeed genuinely hungry. The first one is simple. I write in my journal and really try to delve into what is causing the stress. Then I try to get a realistic, do-able solution.
The second cause is a bit trickier. Early into the program, I was reading how bulimia is caused by restriction, so one day when I was having a beastly urge, I said to myself, what if I really am hungry? what if my body truly is just saying to feed it more? Now, I try not to count calories, but that day I did. And I was surprised to find I was actually low for the day. So I had a healthy snack and sat for half an hour. Half an hour later, binge urge gone. It made me realize that sometimes we over-think something that has a simple cause.
Also..and I know this is weird..but one day when I had a bad binge, I took a picture of myself immediately afterwards. I was shocked at how bad it looked. I hung it in my closet and sometimes when I feel an urge, I look at it to remind myself of what b/p does to me.
And I do a lot of meditation. Journal, journal, journal. If you could only see how many notebooks I have going:))

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much Shangrila!

I have bought myself a journal now, and will think of you next time and scribble away.

I am going to try really hard to do it but I am still doubting whether I will have the will power to choose this over the binge. Especially when it's one of those gradual binges that sneak up on you... the ones where you start out grazing and then the black and white thinking kicks in and you think it's too late to turn back.


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Lately my urges have

Lately my urges have decreased significantly because I allowed myself to fully digest a few of them. The fact is I'm slightly underweight, and my body doesn't like it. The closer I get to a proper BMI, the less my urges become. It sucks because despite the numbers saying I'm underweight, I feel fat, but I know it's my dismorphia talking and I have to let my body have those extra cals for a while.

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Rinny, you say for

Rinny, you say for awhile..

Does that mean that once the binge urges lessen you will go back to restricting?

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