How to recover from betrayal????

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How to recover from betrayal????

I was in a relationship for over 4 years with Arch. We met at work and he also became my business partners.We were even engaged at one point. I found out in last 3 weeks, he was living double life. There were so many signs and abuse in the relationship. I should be happy that it is over. However, I keep crying and getting depressed. I can't get back my 4 years. All 4 years, we rarely spent much time because he said he works for NSA....

I keep saying to myself, how stupid could I be? I am not overeating but have been out every night drinking. I went on to internet dating and went on whole bunches of dates. Slept with one even I really did not want to. I feel like I am dying of company. And I just wonder if life ever gets better.

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Yes it will get better! Time

Yes it will get better! Time heals all, if u believe everything happens for a reason, one day u will meet someone so much better and Ull be thankful this happend. It is only going to make you stronger, everyone goes through heart breaks guys can be such douche bags and make you feel like absolute shit. For now surround urself with people who make u smile, positive thoughts positive vibes positive life:) love urself you will get through this!!!just do things that make u happy, keep ur head up girl u can do it:) as for those four years fuck em, uv got many many more wonderful ones a head and the possibilities r endless!!!:D


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