How to resist peer pressure

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How to resist peer pressure

Peer pressure is everywhere... you think you are on track then... BANG... one of your friends starts dieitng and does not stop talking about how little she eats. Or you open your mag and you are green with envy over models and celebs who are photoshoped-up or just plain skinny!!

Or anything that passes your mums lips must be commented on.. "oh I shouldn't... this will add on the pounds"... does you heart start racing because you have just ate the same thing!! Do you feel like you have perhaps eaten too much just because someone has passed a comment?

What about that girl on the beach come summer time, the brown skin and skinny body.. do you feel sad and all of a sudden insecure?


Imagine all the skinny girls on the planet as having an eating disorder and think about how sad they feel inside?? Or try to accept your body for what it is??

Come on girls, lets start a long list of suggestions on how to deal with this!


Ali Kerr
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focus on 'real' and be inspired...

I myself have decided not to dedicate my money or time to magazines or T.V shows that are detrimental to my Esteem...I am inspired by 'real' women..who value more than a size 2 pant, and artists who dont abide by mass media standards...women like Helen Keller, Mother Theresa and artists like Bjork and Tori Amos inspire me to be true to ME!! If we live by everyone elses standards...its almost as though we have puppet strings for society to pull...NO More!!! Its often easier said than done..but I say, evaluate why you look at skinny models with envy? What will a skinny waist get you?...other than unhappiness, perhaps an illness in some cases...or extreme certainly will not make you a better person!
I stop those feelings by remebering....those who truly care for me and love me..will love me at anysize. So ignore the media frenzy and remember that those who love you dont care about your ass size! ;)

**2bEfReE **

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i have been struggling with

i have been struggling with all these perfectly looking girls recently (and especially now when i'm going through my 'bloated' stage). but you know what? yesterday i went for my iron class (cardio, aerobics + some weights) and saw a very athletic but also very skinny girl. my first reaction was.. well, i was impressed. but as soon as we started jogging, then running and later lifting weights.. i realized she's soooo weak! she couldn't keep up with the others, could lift the lightest weights... then i felt confident again - who cares how skinny i am if i can't perform the way i want to? i want to be healthy and strong and that's what i'm after! :)

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