How to stop binging due to tiredness and feeling ill

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How to stop binging due to tiredness and feeling ill

Hey everyone,

I almost had a good day today, but I felt crap all through it. I kept telling myself "just put up with it, and you'll feel better after a few days". I know that binging won't solve anything, but having food in my body dulls the pain of hunger (er, obviously) and fatigue and misery etc.. But even if I've just eaten something healthy, with lots of vitamins and fibre etc., I still feel absolutely awful, and by the end of the day, I panic, and binge.

Does anyone have any advice for controlling oneself when you're feeling too ill to, er, control yourself?

Thank you! xx

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yes I do it too. When Iam ill

yes I do it too. When Iam ill I b/p and sometimes just binge. I use my illness like an excuse for that I can eat more and then I binge.

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try to sleep well so u r not

try to sleep well so u r not tired at the day and so u dont binge bc of tiredness.. good luck hun :)

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What i've started trying today is eating constantly throughout the day but just little things. This morning I had toast, and i've just eaten a jam sandwich, and i'm gonna eat another one later. There's only a bit of pain atm and it's bareable. Only thing is i'm really hungry now so it's gonna be a struggle not to binge. But I think that might work if you stick to it. I'll let you know how it goes lol!

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