How to stop the NEED to lose weight?

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How to stop the NEED to lose weight?

Hi Everyone,

I used to suffer from Bulimia, but I recovered, then I relapsed into Anorexia and now Bulimia is rearing on up. I think though, that the one thing stopping me from recovery os letting go of the notions that:

a) I love losing weight
b) losing weight will make me feel better
c) I ALWAYS want to lose weight.

I know that losing weight doesn't solve life issues, but the sad thing is it DOES make me feel better, it is comforting and no matter where I get to I want to lose. I can't not want to lose, even when I recovered previously I was aided by the fact that recovery meant losing weight because I'd gained so much from bingeing on things like butter.

I was just wondering if anyone had been able to overcome this belief, need, desire and how?

Thank You. xx

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I can't say I have an answer,

I can't say I have an answer, but just one small piece that was helpful for me - I started searching for BEAUTIFUL people who are NOT slim. Oh, there are some!
And, I started searching for people that I like, those that give me peace of mind and feeling of love - and looked, what do I like about them? Ekhart Tolle is just so... present:) Shiva Rea is.. making me feel my LIFE. my mom has a gentle touch.. My baby is plumpy but gives me so much joy! a girl with that belly - she is just fun! My best friend, though overweight, is calm whatever the situation is.
well, it didn't solve my wish to lose weight completely, but it helped!

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I think it's a matter of

I think it's a matter of making a list of pro's and con's of life with ED and life without ED.
Having an eating disorder makes you depressed, strains your relationships, causes countless physical problems and makes you do things you would never do. The list goes on. Is all that worth being skinny? I'd much rather be genuinely happy with my body and mind no matter what size I am and emanate confidence then to be super skinny and a mess inside. When people are genuinely happy and confidant, they are beautiful.

***My body is only ever as beautiful and free as my mind ***

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