How to stop overeating when purge free?Thank you for help!!

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How to stop overeating when purge free?Thank you for help!!

Dear Friends,

I quitted purging at christmas last year and am now one month binge and purge free-
to my great joy!
I want to share this victory, because it is 2 years ago that I was purge free for the last
time.I struggle with bulimia nearly 20 years now.
This time,recovery seemsmore possible than ever before, because I do not undereat,
eat regular and have no binges.I try to learn to cope with strong emotions in healtier ways
but it is still very difficult.
What notpurging offers to me:
No panic and nightmares anymore,less extreme anxious,no heartpain and irregular heartbeat,
no shame because of vomiting, no tooth pain, less migraine, less costs...more selfworth because
I can resist this bad habit.
So,this are the great results,and I hope that I never forget them because of the difficultchanges too:
Today I first weighed after a month and had gained nearly 20 pounds in this month, which
feels frightening and makes me angry.
I overate nearly every day,ate regular,too and my body stored everything, together with cronic
obstipation I gained a lot of weight.
And I really dont know how to plan and eat smaller amounts still-I am so used to overeat,to ease
pain with food, to feel more secure with food...
I cannot go on a diet, I just want to learn to eat structured and smaller amounts, because I feel
depressed,bloated and have stomach pains after eating big amounts of food.

Do someone has an idea how to stop over-eating completely???


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Firstly: Congratulations on

Firstly: Congratulations on your massive progress during recovery.

Secondly: I do not recommend weighing yourself at all during recovery. We need to balance out our minds and bodies without a number throwing in any conflict. I never began to recover till I had no scale and after recovery I've never even thought to purchase one again.

Thirdly: One month is amasisve step in recovery but a month is not very long in terms of your body getting to know itself and it's set point and needed food/energy levels. I strongly recommend to simply make healthy food choices but to eat when hungry. Try the Guided eating audio when you eat to really verify when you are hungry vs full.

Other than that, don't let that stupid number sway you. You are doing amazingly.
good luck!

Life is too short to not be happy

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Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest and sharing and advice!
The best for you too!


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Natasha, that milestone is

Natasha, that milestone is wonderful and such a place of peace for you and your mind (-:
Thank you for sharing as I am at a similar stage but haven't got overeating down pat yet. Right now I've just binged and mentally pulled myself up to stop and not eat more. Hence why I opened myself up to writing on here and sharing.

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Dear Katie, Thank you for

Dear Katie,

Thank you for your encouragement.
Please trust and go on, even when you have binged.
If you go on with not purging, it will help you in every way.The fear of weightgain or
actual weight gain means nothing compared with the freedom from purging.
Please just go on.It will get easier to accept everything when following structured
eating,eating always enough and forget purging at all.
I wish you all the best !



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Hi Natascha, thank you for

Hi Natascha,

thank you for sharing your great progress, and it's really great and an enormous great achievement!
Even though I am not as far yet, but I found it helps me to be aware when you eat, and also really paying attention to the taste of your food. By doing that, your body will register the food, and that will help with satiation and satisfaction.
I also read chewing 20 times will help you register psychically/mentall/emotionally that you are eating!

Thank you for sharing your brave journey.



love of life

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Hi Natascha, Congratulations

Hi Natascha,

Congratulations on you achievement thats really great I can imagine how proud you must be feeling for finally starting to recover. I hope you have a great journey ahead of you.
Although i am new to this site I read the bulimia help method about two months ago which is when i decided to stop dieting forever. What really helps me not overeat is think about my meal in advance and put everything i'm going to eat on my plate and not taking more food elsewhere eventhough i am more hungry. I understand that i wont have to do this forever so everytime i feel like i want to eat more i remind myself that i am probably not even hungry anymore i have just stretched my stomach so much from binging that it will take time for me to feel satisfied with a mormal portion. I can see that for the last week or so i am starting to feel more ful after meals which is great. I know we are not supose to reqlly count calories but to me it helped me in beginning to calculate for a few weeks just so i figured out how much i should be eating ( recommended by the book).
Good luck on your journey and i hope you find your balanace in food.
Take care

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