How throwing up affects your weight

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How throwing up affects your weight

I just was wondering, for those of you that are doin good with quitting, do you feel like youve gained or lost weight from throwing up? Like how has it helped you in the way you feel and how you look at ur tummy and how much energy you have. My weight never flunctuates, it stays in between XXX and XXX and no matter how much i BP it stays the same, just looks alittle grosser when im BPing alot. I actually gained XX pounds when i started and its ruined me cuz i loved my previous figure, thats my inspiration. and how do you regulate whats in ur tummy, do you throw it all up then go anorexic till the urge is too strong then eat then throw it all up again? dont you get in bad moods when you do that? dont ou get cold?


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Bulimia causes weight gain...

I find that bulimia actually makes me gain weight and I shed any extra weight when I eat normally -- and I do mean normal by any standards, not deprivation. I find that bulimia strips me of nutrients and leaves me incredibly hungry -- only to eat again as soon as possible. If I eat normally then I feel satisfied. For me it's not so much the weight as the endorphins that are released with the b/p, as well as the "cleansed" feeling. I'm struggling to find ways to satisfy the need for these feelings in other healthy ways. I've had some success with yoga and meditation -- especially the kind that focus on breathing.

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i lost over 25lbs from b/p

i lost over 25lbs from b/p cause im not keeping food in me and i dont usually have big binges i just get rid of ANYTHING i put in my body whenver i can and the consequences and syptoms are no fun :(

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recovery weight

When i first started doing it i lost weight but not a whole lot. Then after my binges got bigger and BIGGER I started to gain weight which really flipped me out. But now that i'm in recovery I have gained my xx pounds of recovery weight. But i had to understand that this recovery weight is just my body trying to figure out if im going to keep my food or get rid of it. I still B/P sometimes but not nearly as often as i was so my body is starting to balance out and find its set point. I know it all sounds scary, especially the recovery weight but it is so worth it. I can't even tell you how good it feels to eat like a normal person or to have even one hour where im not constantly thinking about food! Best of luck to you!!

♥ Make choices that help you achieve your goals and your purpose in life ♥

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Bulimia has cause me to gain

Bulimia has cause me to gain XX kilos!!! I was previously anorexic and even after gaining that much im only in the middle of the healthy weight range but still bulimia made me gain the weight very very quickly and i now have lots of stretch marks and am bigger than i was before i became anorexic.. I hate bulimia for this it is such a lie. You think you will gain if you binge without purging but in reality if you throwing up or know you can throw up your binges get bigger and bigger and more frequent!!

Proper healthy eating habits are the only way to go....also if its your moods that frequently trigger bulimic episodes try exercising just dont overdo it. Its strange you say you like your old figure yet became bulimic. I identify with this, only slightly differently. I thought i wanted to get skinnier and now that i have put on weight from bulimia i wish i was the size i was before it (even though at the time i didnt appreciate it).....bulimia lies. Besides throwing up doesn't help you lose weight

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I gained weight also when i

I gained weight also when i started with Bulimia !! Iv not have any purging or much binging for 4 + wk's now... i did feel that i gained a little weight due to not purging.. but i feel as tho my body is calming down now. I started exercising, but not over doing it and feel like im look good and in shape!! I feel pretty ok about my body and iv not been able to say that for a long time !!

I also wish i could have my old figure back and now i realise it wasn't bad at all there was nothing wrong with my old figure in fact it was really good !! When i look at old pics now it makes me sooo sad !! Maybe one day i will return to my old body shape !!

Since i haven't been purging i feel like i have sooo much energy and i also feel like my mental state is returning to normal.. !!!!!

Keep your chins up guysxx

:-) xx

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recovery made me gain

Although I never had the courage to make myself throw up as my way of purging, I developed the chewing and spitting disorder (just chew 'bad' foods and spit them out instead of swallowing).
While it did not make me gain weight, it was only good for maintaining it. It didn't help with cravings, but made them stronger actually. So when I stopped chewing and spitting, I gained 2-3 pounds from eating normally.

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I tend to lose weight when i don't binge :-/

sucks but thats my motivation to quit!!!

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I lost weight, now I'm gaining...

My ED started as restricting, and then after a few months I started b/p. I've lost weight switching between these too, and if I eat intuitively I gain weight. So I'm having a problem with the no-counting-calories thing because I'm scared of losing control over my food and scared of gaining weight.

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Initially when I got bulimia

Initially when I got bulimia I lost loads of weight, because I was throwing up everything I ate, and not really bingeing so much. It was more purging...
But in the last year since I've had a bad relapse, I've gained over a stone in weight and feel disgusting!!!

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first lost weight but ten gained over

First I was anorexic and I have lost weight but when my family didnt accept that and say that I have to eat, I ate but I throw what I ate and I lost weight.. But now I dont throw all what I eat and I have gained over.. I will not say that it is because my family I have bulimia but instead of help me they let me get more sick.. and I feel o lonely because I cant tell to someone that I have bulimia so they dont get mad of me..:(

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bulimia gets heavy

So I feel that it definitly makes me gain weight. It helped me maintain at first but the binging gets worse and I can't possibly get rid of it all. Since I came out with this to my family I have actually gotten worse because I've been trying to seek help but instead I am just put on wait lists for treatment. The frustraion makes the b/p worse. I just keep hoping to get in somewhere for treatment soon!!

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I gain a lot of weight during

I gain a lot of weight during my bining periods that last fopr many months at a time. Now i've been b/p free for four days, but I know that by tomorrow it will be ruined. I don't wanna gain anymore weight!

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At my worst stage of bulimia

At my worst stage of bulimia I lost a lot of weight, and was very thin for my body type. I then gained some weight back when I stopped purging. I loved my body when I went for like three months straight of working out. Right now I don't feel like I have the motivation or energy to work out, I have been trying to though. I;m not so happy with how I look right now. So lately I began to throw up again when I noticed that I gained some weight again. I don't like my body when I purge, but it makes me feel better than when I just eat and dont work out. Ugh, what a cycle.

Thanks for being.

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I think the reason that I

I think the reason that I dont like my body when I purge is because I am unhappy at that stage, nothing can make me happy. But when you lose weight the healthy way you feel great about yourself.

Thanks for being.

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