HUGE QUESTION, very important!!

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HUGE QUESTION, very important!!

Hi Guys my name is Coral, I´m mexican and have been following BHM for some time now. I love this work, work it has helped me tremendosuly.

I have 2 VERY IMPORTANT questions.

1) What do you think about juicing and doing 3 days detox (of pure juices) for someone who is recovering from bulimia?

I`ve been offered to go on a cleanse but you have to start cutting out food and Im not sure its the best idea. What do you think about this kinds of cleanses and juicing for recovery? as a way to clean the body?

2)Also I´m doing some research and wanted to know between what ages are woman more prone to be bulimic?

Thank you all for your asnwers!!

Coral M






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