Hunger Signals.. Constantly.

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Hunger Signals.. Constantly.

Is it normal to be hungry 1/2 hour- an hour after a meal? It's not that I'm not eating enough during the meal, because I definitely am eating a normal amount and feel satisfied. I'm also eating healthy, whole foods. However, I find myself hungry all the time? I'm eating a healthy amount of calories throughout the day so I don't know why this is happening and it's really freaking me out. :S
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Could this just be cravings?

Could this just be cravings? Are you doing a SE program?

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This happened to me too!!! My

This happened to me too!!! My best piece of advise is to make sure you drink good amounts of water/squash and try stick to your will calm down eventually :) don't let it put you off or let you go off's just another step in recovery :)

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Holly- I haven't been being

Holly- I haven't been being extremely hard with my structured eating times, but I am eating fairly regularly. Every few hours. I don't think it's cravings because it isn't ever for anything in particular, my stomach is just growling.

Rose- That's reassuring, knowing that I'm not alone in this!! :) I'm terrible with remembering to drink water (always have been). I'll try and get better at that! Thank you! When it was happening, did you respond to the hunger by eating or did you wait a bit? I feel as though if I respond to it all of the time, I'll be eating an enormous amount.

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Um I did a bit of both

Um I did a bit of both tbh....unfortunately for me it caused me to have a number of b/p episodes cos I had NO idea what was going on and if it was normal....I don't tell you think to make you worry I just want you to be aware and mindful of what's happening and not let it take you off track like it did for me!
Keep going with your SE and make sure you have healthy snacks at home so that you won't feel guilty eating in between your scheduled meals/snacks :) I have faith you can do won't last forever....your body is adjusting and metabolism is changing so just go with it :)

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I can fully relate to this! I

I can fully relate to this! I eat 3 meals and snacks a day. I eat quite large amounts of food. However find, especially after lunch time that my stomach is literally grumbling for food like an hour after! then i have my afternoon snack and the same thing happens like i feel slightly hungry as well and dont know wether to eat more or not. I am def eating enough though as i have gained a lot of weight already. and am always full up after my meals and snacks.
I drink plenty water/squash tea and coffee throughout but my body just seems to want food inside it all the time!

I guess a reason could be my stomach is largened due to so many binge and purge episodes. But stomachs do shrink so hopefully sticking to SE will shrink my stomach to a normal size and then my body wont be crying out to eat all the time!

Keep going, we are in this together!!


'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Rose- I can see how it would.

Rose- I can see how it would. I nearly relapsed yesterday a number of times. Thankfully I stopped myself (accomplishment!), but today I planned out my meals a lot more in order to prevent that from happening again. I've been out of the binge purge cycle for a while, with some relapses, but not constant. Thank you, again! I'm really grateful to know that after nearly 5 months in recovery (minus 1 month, but that was mostly restricting and purging) my body might be finally trusting me a little bit. :)

Angel- First off, I really like your username. One of my little OCD things is repeating numbers (11, 22, 33, etc.), and my favorite number is 3 (in any amount of repetitions, usually just 33 for me even though 333 makes more sense), so I appreciate the choice of number. :P Anyways, thank you! Like I said to Rose, I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. I haven't regularly binged since March (have had some relapses, but it's been nearly 2 months since my last binge), so it's really frustrating. But I guess I just have to give my body some time to heal. 5 months (so far) to be starting to normalize is nothing when compared to the 3 years of mistreatment (and more before that because I wasn't the healthiest). Xx

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HI ladies :) I remember in my

HI ladies :)

I remember in my first "recovery" attempt I became RAVENOUS. Not just for "sometimes" foods but I was overwhelmingly HUNGRY. This was from about day 3 through day 10 of the beginning of my FIRST recovery attempt. I am anorexic so my restriction had been EPIC and hard but I do believe long term purging can result in hefty malnourishment of it's own. I thought back after a while and wondered if it was my bodies way of "bridging the calorie (as in ENERGY) deficit gap" meaning that through restrictive and purging behaviours we end up with a massive energy depletion/calorie store deficit (calories are energy) so maybe the extreme hunger was my bodies way of trying to reclaim that?I gave into it then and found it calmed down. I was "present" with the feeling and knew it wasn't "binging" I was actually "starving hungry" but after the short period I was able to taper it off :)

With my second attempt I knew when making the recovery choice this could happen again so I chose to include "calorie dense" yet wholesome and nourishing foods as main staples in my meal plan. Examples- nuts, avocado, olive oil, eggs, wholemeal.wholegrain bred, yogurt etc and it REALLY helped.

I can't help but bear in mind the need to rebuild the energy stores and find by giving my body nourishing calories I bypass the "extreme hunger" feeling much quicker :)

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