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I am at a point with my recovery where I really am willing to try any kind of help or treatment for Bulimia. I don't really purge anymore but still Binge and was wondering about Hypnotherapy. although expensive isn't anything worth a try? Does anyone have any experience or views on this?


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Hi Alex. I did a bit of

Hi Alex. I did a bit of reading on it, since I don't have personal experience and found a short article which might give you a bit to go on. I think generally, since an eating disorder is a really serious condition, hypnotherapy is only to be used as supportive therapy, not as a solution. It will help with things like increasing positivity and self confidence, but can't treat the underlying issues.
It helps smokers give up because they are willing to let go, whereas with eating disorders we tend to cling to our disorders because we feel more secure and safe in our eating disorder bodies and have a huge fear of getting fat etc etc. with smoking there is no fear in giving up, with an eating disorder there is, that's a profound difference.

So all in all, it might help you, but you shouldn't use it as a sole therapy to tackle your eating disorders, as they are far more complex.
I hope this helps.


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I have tried hypnoteraphy few

I have tried hypnoteraphy few years ago - accually I was "forced" to do it by my parents, cause I was struggling then with anorexia and they wanted to find quick way to make me put on weight.. And my experience from that wasnt very nice - it didnt help me at all and I was suffering a lot cause I was basiclly very afraid of it. After few sessions I started to binge and instead of curing anorexia I started my bulimia period (parents were happy though cause I wasnt so skinny any more..).

Maybe if you find better specialist it can be ok, but from my personal experience - DO IT YOURSELFT

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I have tried it. It can't be

I have tried it. It can't be the only means to recover, but it is somewjat helpful - at least you will get completely relaxed, which is somzthing we lack... i downloaded hypno tracks for bulimia recovery, but i personally liked much more general relaxation hypnosis. At least that was my experience. I did skype sessions also and they are much more expensive but with same effect... So if it doesn't cost a fortune i would go for it, but i wouldn't expect much from it.

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Yes! I swear by it! I got a

Yes! I swear by it! I got a $15 self hypnosis audio and I've been listening to it every night. I was doing structured eating for 4 months but still succumbing to binges because I'm an emotional eater. As soon as I added this into the equation things got so much easier!
This is the one I have:


Hope you find it useful!

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Hi there - from my experience

Hi there - from my experience hypnosis did not work. I paid a lot of money for a "celebrity" hypnosis...with all his brilliant results. However it not work for me at all. I think half the problem is that they do not fully understand the problem. If you have the money you could try.

Apart from this I am trying mindfulness and mediation. There are loads of videos, CDs etc. which can help to relax you and then be mentally stronger to attack the disorder.

I have also looked into NLP which can be helpful, and you could use it on yourself.

Good luck


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