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Do any of you struggle with hypothyroidism? If so are you on medication? Is it working for you? I recently had to undergo some testing for fertility and my throid came back low. We decided not to seek any futher treatment with our fertility doctor but now I am concerned with my thyroid and it does seem to explain some things. I am planning on making a doctor's appointment very soon to address this, I was just curious if anyone else had dealt with it.

Hope recovery is finding you well!

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Hi, I do. I take my new


I do.
I take my new medications for it for about 8 months now.
The first medications I took were horrible. My heart was beating like crazy. I was sweaty all the time.
I changed my doctor. She changed my medications.
I'm doing MUCH better.
My hormone level is ideal now.
I'm less sleepy, less bloated, I don't lose so much hair.

I'm happy :)

Hope you'll take the right medications for you and that your doctor will find the right dose for you. It's essential. We're all different.

Take care !

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Hey .. Man do I know about

Hey ..

Man do I know about thyroid problems .. I suffer from Grave´s Disease. I am currently hypothiroid and have been on medication for 3 years now. It takes a long time to adjust the meds, but once they are the right amount you will feel fine. In my case, I no longer have a thyroid, so no matter how much they adjust my meds, my hormones are never going to be 100% ok, but as long asyou don´t feel any symtomps, you will be fine and your body will slowly adjust.

Best of luck


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Thank you for the replies! I

Thank you for the replies! I am still doing some research on all of it and waiting on my doctor's appointment to address the issue. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon!

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I don't have any thyroid

I don't have any thyroid issues myself, but I have heard a lot about http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ from people with thyroid problems. maybe it could be a part of your research as well...

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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