I can't handle not exercising.

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I can't handle not exercising.

I feel depressed. SUPER anxious. I have an office job and I'm sitting here, feeling like I'm storing fat because I didn't work out this morning. Is it ok to exercise everyday?? I thought it was good for you!! I can't skip exercise! Oh god, the anxiety is crushing me and I either want to starve myself or binge right now.

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Exercise- take a one day break

I know exactly how you feel. From what I remember, the "experts" say that it is OK to exercise six days a week, (you need one day rest- or stretching) because if you are constantly exercising, your muscles don't have time to recover- and remember- you want muscle- because muscle burns fat!

I am an exercise addict- I get really depressed and super cranky and anxious when I don't exercise, because I don't have the endorphins to make me feel better. Plus, when I do exercise, Ed will stop tormenting me.

Experts also say 30 minutes 3-5 times a week is healthy. lol. I prefer much more- but you are more susceptible to injury when you over exercise- which I am currently withstanding- and it sux. When my knee is better, I am going to exercise less, because my doctor said that I may have an enlarged heart- due to my excessive exercise. I didn't realize that the heart muscle got bigger too- well it does- and it can be fatal. And having a bum knee sux too. My advice is to exercise in moderation and listen to your body.

How much is too much? Someone? I want to know intensity, duration, and frequency..

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I exercise too much right now

I exercise too much right now so my goal for when the school year starts is to be satisfied with making it to the gym 3-5 times a week for 1-1.5 hour workouts. I think that sounds pretty healthy..and a lot less than i'm doing now, so i would say to aim for that. My knees suck now too from overdoing it so keep that in mind before you decide to elliptical/bike/treadmill/run/swim for 2 hours straight followed by strenght training.

just hold my hand i think that would help.

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I'm a personal trainer and I can't figure it out

I'm a personal trainer and I tell all my clients to exercise 2-5 days a week depending on their goals. For me, exercise and sports have always been a part of my life so I'm not sure what the right amount is. I have the same feelings of endorphins that seem to uplift my spirit and get me out of my funk. I usually need about 30 to 45 minutes of exercise to get this feeling going and usually do about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour a day but I'm thinking that anything over 1 hour may trigger a binge for me. I'm trying to find that balance between endorphins that are good and overexercising and wanting to "treat" myself to excessive amounts of food. It's so hard to find what my limits are, that's been my biggest challenge so far. What are my limits with everything. I'm analyzing so many moments of my day just trying to find balance. I'm 1 week no purging but I've had 3 small binges and am trying each time to just move forward and not get too down on myself. Try to remember that you only have one body and you don't want to destroy it if you plan on living a long healthy life. I'm hoping to find balance by decreasing my exercise and decreasing my binges and replacing both with more spiritual nourishment like reading, journaling and finding other ways to feel those endorphins. I'm open to suggestions please :)!!! I'm here if anyone ever needs to talk!

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I feel that when i think i

I feel that when i think i have to work out is when my binges are triggured. If i just exersize im fine. i make sure i do at least 30 min a day, which i think is reasonable, since sometimes it's just me going for a walk.


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oh god i hate working out. i

oh god i hate working out. i wish i could but it just sucks. were you guys always crazy about it or did is start with bulimia? because its definitely a healthy habit but not in excess. i had a severely anorexic sister who ran for like 2 hours a day and she was all bones it was disgusting. she's still insane but it switched to OCD, "rosacea", and crippling guilt. lost cause. i heard breaking a sweat for half an hour a day is what you need. i fail hahhaa i watch netflix and drink wine and try not to binge and purge weeeeeeeeee

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sounds like you are switching

sounds like you are switching your bulimia from self induced vomitting to exesice bulimia. I think bulimia is ok iun moderation but the way you talk about for your need to exercise i say be careful. See if you can go a week without exercising. I kknow at inpatient they make you go for a min. of one week with no exercise.

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I've an Aerobic liscense and

I've an Aerobic liscense and I learned in my training that if you want to, you actually can exercise every day - BUT it depens on the kind of eyercise. So for example if you like lifting weights and also like some cardio like running or cycling you can alternate between the two: one day weights, one day cardio. Thus, your muscles have time to repair themselves from the weight lifting and our heart can adjust to the cardio.
Generally, experts say you need 30 minutes of exercise (the intensity depends on the person, so a walk might suffice) every day or 1,5 hours 3-4 times a week or sth like that. While doing my lisence I met a woman who was in the gym 4 hours a day - 2 before and 2 after work. She is definitely an addict (she in fact exchanged anorexia for an addiction to exercise).

And I really know the feeling! For me, exercise is a way to clear my head, I need it or else I feel the difference and I actually bp MORE when I work out less because I'm more on edge. But it's dangerous not to get into the exercise bulimia pattern and I'm not sure where one draws the line between a bulimic who exercises and an exercise bulimic..?

@wombat: I started losing weight when I was 17 - I changed my diet (the typical restrictive, healthy-foods-only diet we all know^^) and started to work out which I had never done before (my whole family is not really that sportive). But exercise only accounts for about 10-20% of weight loss during a diet, and the most important factor for me was the restriction, so I guess no, for me my work out regiment and my bulimia have nothing to do with each other. I used to run for a while after late night bp episodes to clear my head and focus on not bp-ing but it didn't work that well and I haven't done that in quite some time because I fear the running will only deprive my body of more nutrients and do nothing at all to help in recovery.

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I think exercise is good for

I think exercise is good for you in moderation. By that I would say you should not do more than 2 hours a week of cardio. Any more than that I think it could be a negative instead of a positive. It is hard on muscles joints etc. At a certain point you start to burn muscle instead of fat and that is a real negative. One question I guess you ask yourself is are you exercising to be healthy or to burn calories and lose weight? Sometimes I think we are in denial when we say we are exercising and its good for us it all depends. Exercise has always been a plus for me. I have never thought of it in terms of controlling my weight the only way I do that is with restricting. In fact if I exercise I eat a little extra to compensate for it. Like I will have a protein drink in the first hour after lifting weighs.

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