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i-phone app


I imagine many of you have i-phones, or similar devices you can put an app on. I don't have one myself (i actually find this sort of thing completely baffling) but someone just told me about this app you can use for recovery from eating disorders:


If anyone gives it a go, let me know if it's any good and how useful it turns out for you!

Hilariously, i don't even know what an app is...


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Emmie Louise
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I've used different apps on

I've used different apps on my phone (they are like little programs btw)

Most are quite time consuming (logging all foods eaten, exercise etc)

Some you can even take photos of your food to log.

The recovery record app u mentioned above was ok- pretty basic but if i remember correctly you could email your progress to either yourself or therapist.

Honestly, the app I've found most useful is myfitnesspal. Yes, it does maybe seem contradictory to recovery (you log all foods, calories and exercise), but for where I am at in my recovery its been extremely helpful in allowing myself to see what is in the foods I eat (and not undereat!) and reduce the restriction and panic. It also motivates me to reach my daily intakes of calcium, iron etc.

But I would only recommend using any of these apps if you are strong enough in your recovery to not be triggered into the obsession of calorie counting or such behaviours. Use your own judgement (and be honest!)

Another great app by the way is the mindfulness app- perfect little guided meditations ranging from 1min long (super quick!) to 15min. Super useful if you need something on hand to get through a strong binge or purge urge.

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I am Lisa
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I'm using the recovery record

I'm using the recovery record app, I find it helpful in the way that it reminds me to eat and to reflect over the meal. It helps writing that eating the meal "was hard as hell and that I really feel like purging" because I can't tell anyone.

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