I'm back, and now I'm going to stay!

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I'm back, and now I'm going to stay!

So yes, I'm back to this site, and now I'm going to stay. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I'm doing this for me, for him and for out future family. I'm going to recover my life and happiness, because is me the one that is making my life a nightmare. We can do what we want, if my mind has been powerful enough to make all this bulimia, then it can be strong enough to solve it!

Thanks all of you to be here


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:-) xxx

:-) xxx

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I feel like I'm reading a

I feel like I'm reading a post from me!! I'm 4 months
in and keep trying to go back to my old ways I am having huge
body weight issues. I keep trying to break up with
my beautiful boyfriend as avoid him as I don't feel he'll want me looking
like this : ( we just have to stay strong and know exactly what you
said we are powerful beyond measure! We CAN be free from this
disease and live a happy and joyous life because we are worth it and
deserve it!!!

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Welcome back...I am back as

Welcome back...I am back as well. Still trying to shake this stupid thing

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