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Immediate benefits

I feel so great after one day of not b/p'ing. It's sort of incredible how dramatic the effect of b/p'ing is on my mood and energy. And even one day of not doing it produces a noticeable improvement. I am back on the website after an extended break because I really started to struggle. I am so incredibly grateful that this program and this website and forums exist because there really is no substitute for being able to gain support from people who are in the same boat as I am. Recovery feels manageable when I focus only on the next right step. I only have to think about the next hour or next meal. When I can break down my actions into those manageable steps, recovery is manageable. Thanks everyone for being there and sharing your support and experience.


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Hi, Alyson, I'm so glad you

Hi, Alyson, I'm so glad you came back here, it's been such a wonderful support for me here and I've had some very caring, helpful and practical advice from some lovely people, who really understand what I'm going through because they've been there or are going through what I am.

Recovery is a slow, but determined, progress. I'm right at the start, but as time passes I feel more able to keep going forward and I feel more strongly about never going back. We'll get there one day, there's proof here with the people who have recovered and still come here to give kind advice! It is possible, I really believe that now!


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Sometimes I feel like

Sometimes I feel like recovery is a lot like rolling a snowball down a hill--it's really hard to get it started, but once it's rolling it picks up snow really fast and the benefits add up immediately! That said, it does fall apart sometimes on the way down, but you just start rolling again and it comes together a little faster every time. So nice to have you back! <3

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