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immune systems

hello people. Well I've been in proper recovery for around four months and haven't b/p since then. However in the last 6-8 weeks I seem to wake up every day with a really sore throat, like sore to swallow. It just feels viral and I had a bad infection at the start which turned into a cold but now it's just my throat. It can be sore throughout the day but mainly it is the morning it is worse. I also have angular chelitis, like little hacks at the corners of my mouth that I can't get to clear up. I used to get these sporadically but thought they were due to purging but obviously not. I'm also cold nearly all the time! Its so frustrating as I should be feeling healthy but with these symptoms I dont. I'm see my doctor next week but if anyone has any advice / views on such matters I'd love to hear! Julie x

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No advice other than make

No advice other than make sure you are getting a balanced diet, but sounds like you probably are. Did you ask your doctor about it? Id be interested as to what they thought?
Hope you are feeling a bit better?


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It sounds like you might have

It sounds like you might have a candida overgrowth (google or yahoo it, there is a ton of information about it). It is easy to get if you have a compromised immune system and have been eating certain types of foods. The doctor might prescribe meds but you can get past it on your own with eliminating certain foods. The biggest issue is with going down the path of not restricting food and now maybe having to restrict certain foods (for health reasons).

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