increased binging in recovery

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increased binging in recovery

Hi everyone.

Recently I have fallen back into the binge/purge cycle.. I am not exactly sure why but I feel as if the gains I have made are slowly fading away. Is this normal in recovery?? Does this eventually go away??

Thank you for your help!!!


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Once you slide back into your

Once you slide back into your old routines (which is far too easy) I found I had to do something to break the cycle. For me it was eating safe foods which for me was oatmeal as well as dishes with beans and lentils. I would also go to the gym. All this made me feel healthy and allowed me to re commit. The days after BP your appetite will be very high until you get some recovery going on. The one thing I know for sure is recovery doesn't happen unless you pay a lot of attention and are quite diligent. If you stop paying attention you just slide. This is completely normal and we have all done it. Recovery is a lot of mental energy I found, I was surprised how consumed I was in my head with everything. The minute you take it for granted and think everything is fine and relax bulimia is just waiting for you. I think that is why we all have lapses in recovery.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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Thank you so much for this. I

Thank you so much for this. I found I started to get lax and would let myself have foods which were a trigger for me in the past.. well, apparently they still are. I need to refocus myself and commit to being a non-bulimic. Thank you again!!


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thanks for this post! Today

thanks for this post!
Today has kind of been a recommitting day for me. I don't feel like workouts would be a good choice for me yet as that is how my bulimia began. i slowed down my pace of life for today and planning to do that tomorrow as well so I can really focus on nutrition, structured times of eating and also having a couple fun foods.
So far I have def felt myself sliding on the days I get too busy. Just a red flag I need to keep recovery the first priority for a while yet

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