Infrequent binge purging

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Infrequent binge purging

Hey! I'm the new girl. Just joined a couple of days ago. I'm 34 and have had bulimia for 15 years. Wow crazy. However in that time I too have had long long periods where I don't BP at all. The longest was 6 months. In general my pattern is 1 or 2 months nothing then I'll have a month where I binge purge twice a week on average. It wasn't always like this. As the years have gone by, the bulimia is much more controlled. The BP's are sometimes carefully planned other times they'll be totally out of control, but in general my whole thought process is more controlled. The problem with this, is most of the time I feel normal, therefore I never really fully recover as I forget the underlying issues still exist. Otherwise I wouldn't keep going back to it. I suppose it could be anything from gaining a few kg's, a stressful situation or just avoiding stuff in general.

Do other people have similar experiences? Where the bulimia is often so infrequent it can almost seem like I you're free, but it's just an illusion. Therefore for me it does seem to me full recovery is hard to imagine. Help I need an inspiring story showing me it can be done for life and for good!!!

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Hi and welcome to Bulimia

Hi and welcome to Bulimia Help! I'm glad you're committing to recovery after suffering for 15 years. Recovery truly is a life-changing tranformation. Here are some member stories that may help you feel inspired and motivated: Best wishes to you and your recovery!

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