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introducing myself

Hello everyone,

My name is Michelle and I have had bulimia for ten years. I have tried councelling and other ways to recover but have never been able to fully do so. I am hoping that this method will help with my road to recovery. I have faith! Happy new year to you all.

Michelle in London xx

granny goat
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Hi Michelle, This program

Hi Michelle,

This program will work wonders. The structured eating is almost miraculous in how it changes you. You are right to put faith in it. Try it, you will see.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress and bumps in the road too.


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Hi Michelle, I feel in the

Hi Michelle,
I feel in the same boat where I have talked to more than one medical officials. I find the best treatment for myself is reducing stress and feeling good about my self and being comfortable. This site has been helpful in many ways. If you need anyone to talk to I am here as is everyone else. Have a good new years as well!

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Hi Carol and Jamie, Thank you

Hi Carol and Jamie,

Thank you both for your supportive comments, they mean a lot. I often feel very alone with my battle so it is nice to be able to talk with people who are experiencing the same thing.

Carol this is my second day of structured eating and I seem to be doing OK. I haven't thrown up since new years eve which is good but I am still feeling the negative effects of the binge purge.. Anxiety, dehydration and a feeling of not being there if that makes sense! I intend to keep the program up even if I gain a little weight!

Jamie you are right, I feel best when I am not stressed so am taking the time to slow down and rest and not rush through everything at such a fast pace. I think that is a characteristic of bulimia according to the work book.

How are you both doing with the programme? Well I hope.

Many thanks once again

Michelle x

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Hi Michelle, glad to read

Hi Michelle, glad to read that you've made a start! I'm in the UK too and trying not to get blown away at the moment by the wind!

How are you feeling today? Have you read through the BH book?


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Hi Spilut, Thanks for your

Hi Spilut,

Thanks for your reply, today has been good thanks. This is partly due to being very busy with work so hardly no time to think about food. I am finding the structured eating beneficial and am doing my best not to restrict but it is hard.

I have started the BH book and the first thing is to try and prioritise rest and do things at a slower pace. I really need to work at this as I am always in a rush.

I know , it is terribly windy! However, I am in London so am lucky enough to escape the worst of it.

How are you finding the programme?


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Hello to you all, I have just

Hello to you all, I have just recently joined, Dec. 31. I have been struggling with anorexia for a few years but have only recently realized that I also suffer from bulimia. I am 45 years old living in Montreal Canada. I feel very isolated with my big secret. Few people around me realize the severity of my problems, some even admire my ability to keep my weight low, not realizing that I have been putting my health and even at a certain point life in danger. I have experienced much success in life, I feel much shame in not being to overcome this serious health issue. I have almost finished reading the book and believe it to be an excellent tool, I believe it is helping me gain insight into the bulimia. I feel very fortunate to have found it. This is my first time joining a forum, discussing openly my situation and it feels quite liberating. The forum feels like a safe place, I would very much appreciate company on this journey.

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Hey Michelle! Welcome to the

Hey Michelle!

Welcome to the community! Good to hear that you are starting 2014 well and best of luck to you m'dear! The programme will change your life if you really choose to embrace it!

Let me know if you ever need someone to talk to!

Cristina in Australia xx


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hi everyone, I joined the

hi everyone, I joined the site at the end of December I'm 39 and have been plagued by disordered eating all my adult life not to mention most of my teens. I am hoping 2014 is the end of this, finding this sight and starting SE has already filled me with hope and motivation. Good luck to you all in this new year
Anyone need a buddy message me would love to chat

Elisa (Manchester England) xxx


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