Intuitive to apply the principles?!

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Intuitive to apply the principles?!

Just wondered if anyone has any advice on how to apply intuitive eating and focus on 'making peace with good' and 'rejecting the diet mentality'.....

I have read the book 'intuitive eating' and it all makes perfect sense (ie diets don't work and food is not the enemy) but I'm struggling to understand how I make peace with food and really stop restricting once and for all! Any advice or insight would be awesome :) I'm so bored of having a negative relationship with's getting old and tiring now!

Rose x

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Treat your body as a vehicle.

Treat your body as a vehicle. Its needs fuel and good quality fuel to get it to work the way you want it. More fuel for when longer journeys are required, less for when your vehicle is not required as much. The same goes for looking after your vehicle. Keeping it looking good and in working order and having pride in it. Its the only vehicle you have in life. Take good care of it!

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Hi Rose I read the same book

Hi Rose

I read the same book as you. I loved it, but I am finding the principles difficult to implement.

I think I have stopped dieting, but as soon as I eat anything "fattening" I end up feeling so ashamed I binge. Let me know how your journey goes.


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Before I got recovery I tried

Before I got recovery I tried it and it just didn't work. What i learned in recovery is that your hunger/satiety mechanisms are all messed up with an ED. I think my recovery may have been slower than many but I couldn't really eat intuitively for a year. Now I can and all of a sudden I just get it. I stuck with SE for a really long time and slowly it just started slipping away on its own. I guess my only advice is don't do IE to easily because when you have an ED there really is nothing intuitive about it

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My tip. Eat it, incorporate

My tip. Eat it, incorporate the scary foods into your diet until they're not scary anymore then you are able to approach all foods in the same way. that's how it worked for me.

Example: Pizza was a scary food for me, I would only eat it when I was planning to purge. So I would obviously binge a bunch to get as much as possible out of my "forbidden food". So basically no pizza without a purge.
Then I began recovery, and every so often on Friday nights we'd order Pizza, I had such anxiety about it, before it arrived and after I ate the whole thing. My bf would look over at me and know how I was feeling said things like, "It was yummy right?", you don't have to anything now but relax here on the couch in your comfortable baggy house clothes.

And it was true, it was yummy, and I just needed to breathe. After years of this to greater/lesser degrees, the fascination minimized.
Soon I was able to order/make pizza because I wanted to enjoy it, and this also enabled me to not have the whole one if I wasn't THAT hungry. (but hey who doesn't want a whole pizza, yum right?)

Now, I couldn't care less about Pizza, it doesn't call be, or cause me any greater emotion then an Apple.

Good luck!

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