Involuntary purge

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Involuntary purge

I have been bulimic for about 9 years now. I am not an every day B/Per. Usually 2-3 x's per week. Have gotten better recently. Has been over a week since last purge. I am having an issue where I feel like after I eat a big meal it feels like part of the food is sitting right @ base of my esophagus, top of my stomach nad I can bring this up w/o even putting my finger down my throat. Has anyone else experienced this? Please let me know. Thanks.

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this happens to me too!

hey! this happens to me after every meal. it kills me because i feel like it would just be easier to throw it up then try to swallow it to get that feeling to go away. When i was younger i was diagnosed with acid reflux but after i began to push my food up the involantary purging would happen more. eventually i wasn't able to tell the difference between my acid reflux and my bulimic habits. Even if i don't try to purge it happens after every meal on its own whether i like it or not. when is was younger i would just swallow but eventually i began throwing it up and even more sticking my fingers down my throat to get more food out. So now even though i may not want to throw it up i do it anyway.

Anway to answer your question...i think it's happening because your body got so used to throwing the food up that now it's doing it without you even asking. I'm not sure what to do about this either but i hope it goes away the less i try to purge. It sounds like it may be acid reflux or something like it. just try drinking water to counteract the acid build up or take acid reducers or even better see a doctor becuase it could probably do longterm damage if you just let it go. i hope this works! keep fighting it sounds like your on the right track!! =)

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Me too!

I have had the exact same experience as well. i second what Rosie Bolagna said lots of water seems to help. Also the longer I go without purging, the more less this phenomenom seems to occur.

-XXX Sabrina "Claiming Victory and recieving grace!"

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yah, all the time, its so easy that s y i keep doin it, even if i ate smthn i dnt feel bad about, it still happens, i keep swallowing but yah itl come up at will , so i think y now just get rid of it, this bpn bulimia stuff is tough, its hard to get over it bc u will forevr posess the knowledge that u can succumb to this action, the acid erosian will still happen even if your ryn to be good and not do it u still suffer irriversable consequinces, ugh, hope i get n2 the rn program so i can get my teeth fixed, i really hate this disease


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I've never actually put

I've never actually put anything down my throat to induce vomitting. Never. It's always been involuntary for me, my muscles just contract and I'm off to the races. I found that this makes it really hard to recover after eating a filling meal because it just wants back up. I've been getting the hiccups a lot lately actually, trying to keep food down where it should be. I've been this way for 6 years so my body is like "uh wtf is food doing in your stomach, I thought I was supposed to get it out?" Super confusing all around. Anyways, I found that taking a walk actually helps a lot with involuntary purging. It's kind of like your body is distracted by the motion of walking so it forgets to try and throw up. Best of luck! xo

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