It has been too long - a request for support and the opportunity to support in return

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It has been too long - a request for support and the opportunity to support in return


My name is Katie, I am 30 years old and I have allowed Bulimia to be the most important, time-consuming, energy-sapping thing in my life for 12 years. I married the most wonderful, adoring, fun and loving man last year and I purged on the morning of my wedding. I believe that I have a conscious choice to make: to continue to give in to this horrible, demanding disease and live a half-life, or to commit to fighting it and eventually removing it from my life completely. For myself and for my husband, I choose the latter. I live in the United Arab Emirates (although I am still very much a Brit), and support options here are few and far between. I would be very grateful to anyone who is willing to help me through what I know will be a tough battle, and in return, I hope that you will allow me to help and support you in return.

This is the first step for me, I know there are many more to come and I commit to making those steps wholeheartedly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

xoxo KJL


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Hello Katie, Welcome and

Hello Katie,

Welcome and Congratulations on taking this first important step! I have only just joined myself and would be more than happy to be ur recovery buddy and take this journey with you! I am 29 and have been battling this disease for over 15 years and am desperate to overcome it completely once and for all!!! look forward to getting to know you, feel free to messgae me anytime to chat x

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Hi Katie! Well done on

Hi Katie!

Well done on signing up and taking the mental steps to prepare for recovery! This is very brave of you :) I am 26 and have had Bulimia since I was 14. I have seen 3 psychologists, thinking there must be some deep dark issues in the back of my mind that I must over come in order to rid myself of this. I now know that for a lot of us that simply isn't true, and that it is in fact my restrictive dieting that has lead me to bulimia. I started the program 3 months ago and have not had one episode of BP since!! I still feel urges to binge, but have become much better at diffusing them. I believe you will recover too! The structured eating has been so helpful to me, and remember to just take everything one day at a time :)

I'm here if you want to chat xx


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Hi there! My name is lea and

Hi there! My name is lea and I've been struggling with eating disorders for over 20 years now and this is the first time I have actually mad e any progress by using tips on this site and getting support from others kind words on here. Everyone here speaks from their own experiences and you know it's real emotion and real power they have behind them, not just the learned words of psychologists and doctors.
I'm finding getting past a day one monstrously difficult, but I'm having a day one, which to me, is what counts. The years have taken their toll on my health and my life, so I'm ready to get my life back in whatever way I can. Their are some amazing people on here and just this morning I had a lovely message from someone giving me encouragement and support, which you can see comes straight from their heart and soul. I hope you find the site helpful and get some friends on here who really understand what it means to have an eating disorder. That understanding is so precious and life changing for us sufferers who disappear into anonymity with our disease.



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Welcome!!! Congrats on taking

Welcome!!! Congrats on taking the crutical first step and seeking out help!! My name is Jenni and I have been struggling with bulimia since I was 15, I will turn 30 this year and decided I would really like to celebrate that day with this terrible disorder! I would love to be a support buddy to you and help you through this process. I am fairly new to this site and have found so much encouragement and support so far and hope that you too will find the same! You are surrounded (if like me for the first time) with people that truly know what you are going through and are cheering for you to succeed!!! Please do not hesitate to contact at any time for someone to chat with!!

XOXO, Jenni

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