It was going so well.........

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It was going so well.........

I have been doing well for a record 16 days!! Then what happens, I slip BIG TIME!! I felt as though I was cured. I went on holiday, I felt normal, I ate out. And then BAM! I was tired and I slipped. I not been able to get back up yet!! Help!! Its been a week of old skool binging.

How do I do it again?


I need a kick up the bum!! I need a force to help me lift this cloud.


Getting better bite by bite x x

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16 days is fantastic Sunny,

16 days is fantastic Sunny, you should be very proud of yourself! Just use the slip as a learning curve, that really is what it is. Just get back on track right now! I can tell you really want to :-) Sending you a kick up the bum! ha ha! Take care. x

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Catherine Liberty
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Hi Sunny! Wow 16 days is

Hi Sunny!

Wow 16 days is amazing. I bet you started to feel so great and free in that time? Sometimes when you're getting back on track you can really give yourself a kick just by reminding yourself how good that time was, all the positives and so on.

I know it can be a scary time getting back on the wagon but you can do it. You've done it before and I know you can do it again.

You brought up a really great point in your post when you said you felt that within that time you were cured.

I remember 6 months into recovery I felt like I was cured. Things were not as hard, I felt like I was finally better and so I let my guard down way too much and slipped.

It's great to enjoy the new found freedom that recovery brings but it's also really important to stay mindful, even though those really good times because I think we can become complacient when it stops being so hard, and that's where accidents can happen.

But maybe you can take some great knowledge from this experience. When you get back on track now you will know to be a little more careful, especially when things start to feel easy or you start to feel recovered. Also you''ll understand that being very tired could be a really big trigger for you, so you can work with that to ensure that you're not exhausting yourself too much.

The best possible thing you can do from here is to forgive yourself, treat this as a learning experience and then get straight back to structured eating. After my episodes of relapse in recovery I always found it was a great idea to go back to a super strict structured eating plan for at least a few weeks, just until I was back into the swing of things.

You will get back on track Sunny, you will get this, keep fighting!

take care

Catherine x

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