It IS worth it!

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It IS worth it!

I have been reading through a lot of blogs, and it seems that there are a lot of people trying to get their minds around beginning recovery. I so totally understand - I was there for many years & fought recovery. I would try with one part of my mind, while another part of me just wasn't ready to give it up. Once at a BET psychologist appt I slipped up & told the dr. that I LIKED bulimia - she seemed shocked. I have been thinking a lot about that statement as I read the struggles with giving it up. So here is my conclusion - bulimia is a DIRTY LIE! It makes you think you are getting something (have your cake & eat it too...) but it actually steals your very soul. It starts off slowly - letting you lose a little weight & thinking you have found a magic bullet. By time you start t realize it might not be all it seemed to be you are hooked. It gets worse & worse & worse. There is no such thing a being a 'little bulimic'. The true freedom is being free of this awful habit! There is no one but yourself who can do it, and it will take some work if it has been an ingrained pattern - for me on & off for 20 yrs - most recently for 10 years with it getting SEVERE! If I can do it anyone can - seriously - I have never heard of a worse case than mine (sure they are out there, but I was pretty sick). I do believe that it takes 100% commitment. It IS HARD, but possible. The good news is that it DOES get easier. If you went to the trouble to find this program, subscribe & read this, you are already moving in the right direction. Now it takes faith, determination, and the willingness to suffer some very uncomfortable days. My final thoughts are IT IS WORTH IT!

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Thanks for the motivation.

Thanks for the motivation.

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Well said!! I completely

Well said!! I completely agree.. There is a part of me that likes bulimia, I can have my cake and eat it.. But at what cost?? Its all a big lie.. xxx


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