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I have started, two days ago, writing everything about my day on an online journal my page is
I think it helps so much to see my triggers by writing everything down. Its shows me where I need support.
Anyways, trying to shoot for day 1 of no purging. Date night tonight...hope all goes well, wish me luck!! Good luck yall!


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ive started doing that too i

ive started doing that too i have three entries.
it helpsme realize that what i am doing is very bad!

one day you will look back at them and say that whoever wrote those journal entries is not me. (the healthy you)


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I wrote a journal once..

I wrote a journal once.. lasted for three months I think.. Then I tore it all up cause I couldn't handle every entry ending with "I purged"... This was before I started recovery though.. Now I recognize my triggers and I know why I feel like b/ping most of the time.. good for you girls!!! Stay strong.. You can make it.. ;-)

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