Jumping Off Points?

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Jumping Off Points?

Hello All,

My name is Micah and I am also new to the site. Well, new to recovery also actually. I have struggled with Bulimia for about a year now but it's only been within the last six weeks I have allowed people "in" to help. It all started with losing a ton of weight the healthy way, I used to be very over weight. Then I gradually became obsessed and hyper aware of my new body and as soon as those things as well as some reoccurring trauma reared it's ugly head, bulimia was born.

I'm in grad school and in between health insurances so seeing a nutritionist is not an option for me at the moment, but I have a close relationship with my therapist and we're working through things. She's incredible at her job, but ED's and nutrition aren't her speciality. That being said, I have so many questions and very little direction so I am really trying to reach out here for support in this. I am lucky to have great friends as well, but no one gets it unless they've been where I am. They know it. I know it.

Some of the questions are about finding sample meals plans. Are they based off of your weight/height? Can I find samples? I still want to lose weight, but am hearing that I might need to give up the diet which I am struggling with hardcore. I hate my body so much, I can't seem to mentally get on board with taking a break from dieting even though with my b/p and depression has taken a toll on my progress. I feel very alone and confused quite honestly.

Well wishes to all.






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