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just a general question

hey everyone

how are we all? I dont mean to be mean but i am need of advice and i post blogs and no one seems to write back:(

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Hi sweetie - what do you need

Hi sweetie - what do you need advice with? I have some easy, some hard days.... I'll try to help with what I can!

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i just had a massive binge

i just had a massive binge and i am trying not to purge i have not had a binge like this and not purge i feel so sick! i just want to stop binging!

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My dear i TOTALLY understand

My dear i TOTALLY understand where you are at. As much as i do agree with binging and NOT purging it is hard.

But this has been some really good therapy for me.... i wake up the next day feeling SOOOOO sick and end up vomiting not aided by anything but being seriously - SICK from the food... Though after it i cannot function for 2 or 3 days which is why it helps me to move on from this awful disease.... the lesson learnt.

I am fighting at the moment and doing better all i know is what works for me before i binge/purge is this....
- how will i feel after the binge and just before the purging or even the firt few when i want to give up and go to sleep
- i know how i will feel the next day if i do give up and go to sleep
- i know the black that i will feel the next day if i keep purging...

This usually stops a Binge (i only B/P at night)

Sometimes instead i find myself eating my planned breakfast at 1am or even 11pm... it:s not the answer but it:s a start and the next day is not so bad...

I am here if you need me XOXO

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hey! Thanks for your reply. I

hey! Thanks for your reply.
I am strugging to. I did not purge but i feel so sick. I guess my rain tells me when the urges are strong, just give in and strat again tomorrow but that never happens. I have been reading brain over binge and the ebook but is it a bit confusing because the ebook says that if you dont eat enough the urges will come, but kathryn says that even if she did not eat enough she had the power to not act on it...which one is it? Or am i mis understanding it.
I hate this ed yet its such an addiction. My urges come from my mood. I have bopilar 2 and i am getting my periods which makes it worse. I become so numb that i want to sleep and cry all the time. The only way i now how to cope is through binging. I need to not feed into the depression. Plus i think i am not allowing my self to have variety. Its like if buy some sweets in the intention to eat one everyday the urges arise if if didnt. I guess i need to start introducing it slowly but will try and be gentile on myself today and the next couple of days i will introduce it.

I so want to beat this!

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Hi! you can private message

Hi! you can private message or email me rodman.jessica@gmail.com if you need support or someone to talk to. i have been in the situation before and i struggle with the same problems you are having. take care :)

will it ever really go away?

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