just ordered take out

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just ordered take out

need help figuring out what to do. Just ordered chinese for myself. I really dont want to binge on it but at the same time im dying to. I hate to throw away food. even though thats what would be doing if i binged on it anyways. cant keep it in the house cause ill eat it for sure. Im all alone. Help!

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hey, that is a really tough

hey, that is a really tough one, for me that would be really risky having chinese around the house, esp if i am hungry and am almost guaranteed to binge on it, but i avoid buying chinese now since i wouldnt be able to cope with it and is defnitely a trigger food for me. thats really good coming here for advice and not wanting to binge. i also hate throwing food away, since to me that seems like such a waste when i could have eaten it, but at the same time when its such a big temptation that i end up b/p ing it, its almost the same as throwing it away. i know this is tough but i would suggest getting rid of it, or maybe putting a bit aside you feel comfortable with and getting rid of the rest. or maybe there is someone that you can give this too, who likes chinese and it wont feel like you are wasting food. i once bought chocolate and was in a similar position as you and ended up giving it to my mum, i couldnt throw it away, but she was happy to remove the temptation and said she would give me a small piece each night that i have not purged, so that helped.

let me know how you get on, take care xxx


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