Keep going to keep living!

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Keep going to keep living!

I have perhaps been focusing a little too much on recovery.

It seems to be difficult to get the right balance of ensuring you stay 100% focused on all the new strategies/ways of thinking/structured eating plan etc. but also bearing in mind that this is a lifestyle change, so we also have to keep on living.

For me, it is equally important to focus on the distractions (such as hobbies, music, friends, family, studies etc.). In other words, putting energy and employing new strategies in all the other activities besides eating is SO important.

I am currently writing this as I am unable to get properly started on an essay due in very soon. I want to finish this post to get the pro-active thoughts away and out of my head so I can test out some positive clarity on something a bit more difficult...

I'll let you know how that goes :D

Oh and shouldn't forget to record this to remind myself these are such early days: had some extremely strong binge urges before I had my dinner earlier. I was not particularly hungry as I have eaten religiously every three hours today. However I noticed that it was definitely an escape method of trying to get away from thinking about my essay. After eating dinner in the company of a friend I felt much more relaxed, normal and ready to work. I also think that I was suppressing the fact that I was not enjoying working alongside my friend (too many distractions!). Next time perhaps I should just be honest with her and go it alone. For the sake of recovery and my work!

Happy Monday and best of luck to those who are still getting these strong urges...don't let them take over!

"Une fois que tu as réalisés que tu peux faire ce que tu veux, tu es libre! Tu peux voler."

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I love your posts!! They're

I love your posts!! They're always so Motivational and positive :) thanks!

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