Kidney problem :(

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Kidney problem :(

hi everyone, just curious if anyone else here has had kidney problems/failure. I have recently discovered that my left kidney has not been draining fluid correctly and is now twice as big as my right one and not really of much use :( i get one more test done on thursday to see whether i have to have it removed or if it can be saved. My urologist said it will most likely have to go.... might sell it on ebay... hehe

anyway its called a PUJ obstruction and i'm so worried i have done this to myself, has anyone here had to lose a kidney?

Anyway on the bright side i have have really been using this as motivation to get better. Its pretty risky being malnourished and dehydrated with two kidneys let alone one! im finally starting to look after my poor abused body and i think ED has started feeling a bit bad and is leaving me alone a bit! lol. im on day 3 and feeling really possitive. I'm addicted to reading blogs written by the amazing strong beautiful people on here that ar putting everything they have into overcoming this addiction and its incredibly inspiring.

stay focused everyone! i know we'll be glad we did!


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Hi, sorry to read youve had problems with your kidney, ive also suffered with swolen kidneys, stones, colic, infections. Fingers crossed not since 2008, that was my last bout in hospital with stones, I never told them about my bulimia so the docs never knew why it was all happening. When i recovered from bulimia in jan all my kidney pains went, and when i relapsed in may they returned so hopefully now im back on track ill be ok again. Its really frighterning when things like this happen, it really does make you more determined to get better. Good luck to you, we can all do this.xx

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Yeah, sorry to hear that

Yeah, sorry to hear that you've had problems! How did you know that you had problems? Are there any common symptoms?

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When I was at my worst with

When I was at my worst with my bulimia, I had bad kidney problems due to dehydration. They got so bad my doctor told me if I got dehydrated like that again I would need dialysis. Even during my recovery, I had problems adjusting to having normal kidney function. Now, I find my kidneys are still very sensitive- have to be really careful about drinking enough water. It's been kind of a scary thing to realize how much damage an ed does.

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It is very scary isnt it!

It is very scary isnt it! i've been reading alot about dialysis and have decided its not for me. So the only other option is to put every last bit of energy i have into recovery!

i realised that there was something wrong when i got a urinry tract infection and i had a constant incredibly intense pain on my left side, i also was completely dizzy and couldnt stand for longer than a few secconds, the doctor gave me antibiotics and i felt fine again but then about a week after finishing them the horrbileness came back! i got an ultrasound and a few more tests and was Diagnosed with PUJ obstruction. I find out this Thursday if i get to keep my left kidney or if theres too much damage already done to save it.... either way i feel lucky to have one perfect kidney and feel like its a bit of a blessing in disguise as it has given me a good reason to get better! Good luck guys take care of your kidneys!

Don't follow your dreams, chase them!

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