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kids nutrition

I need help...
I have a 4 year old wonderful daughter, and sometimes I just see that I am doing something harmful to her...
Just today, when she told me "I don't want soup, I want a dessert! If I eat soup the desssert will not fit in!" I got rather angry and said to her: "You save yourself for dessert, I think I'm going to start having dinners without desserts" - she broke in tears..
I don't want to say "no dessert until this and this is finished", neither I want to allow her to eat whatever she wants.
so far me and my husband are 'trading' "eat 5 spoons more and then you can have a dessert", but it just feels wrong...
I want her to try new things, I want her to eat nutritiously, but I fail to do this in playful non-pushy way...
Any ideas?

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A good tip, that I've always

A good tip, that I've always used in childcare that came from a professional was that the child needs to eat as many bites of everything on their plate as their age. (then it's up to you to load the plate with good things)

If she's 4 years old, she can take 4 bites of the rice, the chicken and the vegetables.
I think children push their boundaries as well, You are not a bad parent for wanting her to get the nutrition she needs.
Any of us know that we cannot live only on Ice cream ;-)

As parents you have to set boundaries, That's what being a parent is . Good luck finding the balance.

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AbrahamHicks has some great

AbrahamHicks has some great you tube videos on this!! :)

There is nothing that we cannot be or do or have :)

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