Last night almost B but didn't

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Last night almost B but didn't

Yesterday was one of unusual eating day interrupted by a volunteer event in the evening. At the event, they actually had good food: almond & apple salad and sandwiches. So I took a plate of food and ate at the event. The event lasted over 3 hours and by the time I got home, it was passed 11pm. I was bloated but still felt hungry. I first sat in my room to see if I could just fall asleep but I couldn't. So I got a snack. By the time, I finished my snack, I just wanted more. I stood in front of refrigerator, just want to reach to all foods. Then I stopped myself. I told myself, if I B.P, it will make the recovery more difficult. It was really difficult to walk away because in my head, I was already imaging B/P. With my stomach completely bloated, I worried if I am going to wake up fat... Thankfully, this morning when I woke up, I felt ok.

I have to thank this community and everyone who is here. I thought about many of you who are working on recovery. I ready blogs and posts. They all helped me to walk away from B/P last night. Thank you!

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Well done for staying strong.

Well done for staying strong. I mini binged I guess last night... ate crappy comfort food instead of a proper nice, health, full dinner - but didn't let is spiral out of control either. Just about! I do feel fat and horrible today, but pleased I didn't have a proper slip or anything.. took a lot of effort though!
Go you!

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This is such amazing news! I

This is such amazing news! I really hope you're feeling proud of yourself right now :)

Not only were you able to eat food in a potentially triggering and stressful environment, but you were also able to listen to your hunger later in the day and fight off what must have been overwhelming urges to continue eating and binge.

Seriously well done!

I used to find night time the absolute worst time of the day for binge urges. Sometimes I would just sit in my room crying my eyes out, telling myself no over and over, it's very challenging but hopefully now you've been able to see how strong you really are.

Catherine x

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great job! Night time is so

great job! Night time is so hard for me too... and to be standing in front of the fridge like that and still be able to walk away is awesome!! You should be really really proud :-)

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