Late night and stuck in auto pilot

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Late night and stuck in auto pilot

Does anyone ever find themselves stuck in the middle of a binge in the middle of the night?
Sometimes Ill go to bed, and wake up hungry. Ill just walk to the kitchen and start bingeing out of nowhere. At times, I feel like Im not even fully aware of what I am doing. This usually makes me so upset because Ill go all day following my SE but then end up b/p literally in my sleep.

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Hey! I can totoally relate.

I can totoally relate. This is what happens to me. In the day i am so excited and follow my meal plan and then bang! At night after dinner I start binging and Its horrible but I can't stop. the next day i feel so aweful and disgusting and just want to give up. i have been trying to thin about how i am going to feel the next day and how shit it is. i have found and I know everyone says it which i am just starting to get now. If i dont eat alot during the day I end up binging. my safe foods are food and If I just eat fruit for my snacks I start craving food at night. But, If i eat a variety of foods like yogurts or biscuits the urges are less. I feel you and I am struggling with this problem at the moment.


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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for responding! It feels really good to know that Im not alone in this. I was starting to think that I was some crazy sleep/night eater lol. Ive noticed the same thing too though. When I eat more of a variety throughout the day, my binge urge isnt as strong at night. However, sometimes, it doesnt even matter! Bed time is my biggest trigger and has always been. Its the time of the day I used when I first started bingeing and has always been designated as that time. Sometimes it takes so much effort to not binge, that I cant sleep and am so tired the next day! But theres things I know I can do to prevent myself from bingeing, its just the matter of actually doing them. Thats a decision that is hard within itself. I really wish I could just snap my fingers and be done with this!

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Especially the first 10 days

Especially the first 10 days of SE I was also binging a LOT in the evening. Bed time is also my biggest trigger, a lot of times I can't sleep. If i don't binge can't sleep because I'm fighting it, If i do binge can't sleep because I'm uncomfortable, sweating, jittery and guilty.
As Jolieh said, what helps is to eat enough during the day. Variety too. If you're ready to start having fun foods maybe try having them with your earlier snacks/meals? sometimes I have them at the end of a meal instead of on their own.
My binge urges drastically reduced after the first 10 days. A big part of it was forgiving myself instead of feeling guilty and beating myself up inside. Rereading the ebook to remind myself why I binge. Just reading posts on this site and not feeling so alone. Not counting calories and truly giving up the restrictive thoughts.
I am not very far into recovery, but I can still tell you that those urges get weaker and weaker. SOmedays they're stronger than others and it helps me to remind myself a day like this does not mean I'm slipping, just is a reminder to be alert and watch out for excess stress, not enough rest, not enough food, not enough variety, too much exercise, being around toxic people, negative self talk, etc.

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It happens to me a lot, like

It happens to me a lot, like if I were eating in my dreams, sleepwalker or something. You know why I sign up here? Because I was with my boyfriend two weekends ago and he told me, last night you woke up and eat, do you remember ir? And I suddenly feel so bad, my bulimia becomes real at that moment, sometimes when ou are used to something you forget about how bad it is for you. So thanks to that night Im here, ding better each day, and you are going to recover as well!!xx


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