Life drawing.

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Life drawing.

I do alot of art work, everyday. I unfortunately had to leave half way through my last year at college due to depression. Damn that feeling.
Anyway what i miss the most is life drawing. Im fantastic at it, i really am gifted at drawing people.
(im not trying to be big headed or full of myself im just trying to realise i am good at things)
The thought came to me last night, i realised how much i miss drawing the human form, in all its shapes.
The people that stand in the middle of the room butt naked and on display are so comfortable and amazing. They just dont give a shit. They dont have the fantasticly flat, tones, skinny bodys. They are of all shapes and all sizes and they love themselves. They do truely all have beautiful bodys. Its because they dont hide.
My point is... by drawing people, i analyze every part of there body, every detail, and realise how wonderful they are. Every curve, shape, fat line, wrinkle, hair, nose.... its all different...its all unique. The human body is lovely. The best part is, a body with a bit of fat has character, and its lovely to draw.
This is very theraputic.
I just wanted to say maybe you should try life drawing even if you cant draw. To look and draw the details of someone who is so comfortable with there 'imperfect' body is quite amazing. It may help you become more willing, more open minded in what a beatiful body really is.

I hope your all doing well, i hope this interests some people. Be happy with you!

Start to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.

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Very interesting

That is a very interesting point. I am glad that drawing other people's bodies is helping you and not harming you. I can see how it can be therapeutic. I am not sure that I would be able to do that, but it is definitely something to think about.

I know that when people look and act confident with their bodies they do look better, no matter what their actual body shape is. I'm kind of a people watcher, and it seems like for a lot of people it isn't quite a big deal what their body looks like. They can be happy anyway.

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