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Light Box for depression

Has anyone tried using a light box for depression. Apparently it mimics sunlight and if you expose yourself to it for a little while each day, it's supposed to really help lift your mood. I recently went to a dietician who strongly recommended it. This is the first time in my 13 years of bulimia that anyone has suggested this. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this.

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Funilly enough my mum bought

Funilly enough my mum bought me two of these SAD (seasonal affected (or smg) disorder) lamps this weekend which I had never heard of before and i think they really work! She bought them for me because they are meant to not damage ur eyes as much. For example I came back from work late tonight and had to do some further work at home which I was dreading but Ive been able to work happilly for a few hours whilst being exposed to this light. I can test it for a few weeks and let u know if i feel really that different?

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I've used them for years.

I've used them for years. They help give me energy but they don't really help with the grumpiness and apathy that accompanies winter. I also have an atypical SAD pattern in which my mood dips in mid-fall and mid-spring rather than the middle of the winter. This winter has been a different story: BRUTAL! New England got SLAMMED! :)

Give it a shot! I sit under it while I drink my morning cut of coffee and do my morning writing. That way, I know I'm there long enough. I've made the mistake of using it at night, and I wound up with insomnia!

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