A link for those who are Purging Type Anorexics

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A link for those who are Purging Type Anorexics

Or just generally having a tough time with binge urges.

Check out the blog ( especially the posts on the first page) of this website. 'Why binging is not binging when you are recovering' is particularly interesting.
Theres a ton of information on restrictive type eating disorders (which bulimia is categorized in)
It also has a somewhat different aproach but it's still stuctured eating and reaching your set-point for optimal metabolism recovery.


Also, the only reason I targeted the title at purging type anorexics as it is aimed to gain weight (if you are bulimic and underweight or low weight) which does naturally happen in recovery regardless as you need to gain those extra pounds. :) .. so i saw it as more of a explanation/relation to trying to restore normal weight when underweight, however it does apply to everyone)

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Really interesting site -

Really interesting site - thanks


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