list 3 things you like about yourself....

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list 3 things you like about yourself....

As part of my treatment im undergoing I have homework for next weeks therapy session. I need to list 3 things I like about myself. im actually struggling with this when I initially thought it was an easy straight forward task. I have one to put on my list . I like my dark brown eyes. So I thought you guys may want to join in and use my therapy homework which will help yourselves and also help me get some ideas and inspiration. so...list 3 things you like about yourself please :)

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

diane joy
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Dear Angel, I finally found a

Dear Angel,
I finally found a nutritionist, who is trained in psychology, too, and she gave me the same homework as yours!

Whiling away my time in a beautiful, old fashioned cafe in Vienna I came up with this list:

1. I am a caring person.
2. I can listen well to others.
3. I can empathize with other people.
4. I am willing to help other people when they need support.
5. I am quite self-sufficient and independent in most areas of life.
6. I am an enthusiastic person.
7. I am a warm person.
8. I have a good sense for beauty and can create a beautiful atmosphere in a room, so that I and other people feel well.
9. I can make other people feel comfortable and very often they open up about themselves fairly quickly.
10. I love to smile (and have been told quite often by others, that I have a beautiful smile).
11. I am a very honest person.
12. I am not superficial.
13. If I really want something, I can stick to it and give it my all and mostly succeed in getting it in the end (well, except for recovery so far).
14. I am courageous and dare to expose myself to situations I haven't experienced before.
15. I like to try new things.
16. I am easily intrigued and love to learn about people and stuff.
17. I have a good sense of humor and can make other people laugh (although I probably don't come across like this from my posts here).
18. I can easily approach other people and connect with them even if I don't know them.
19. I have a good sense for rhythm and am a good dancer.
20. I have a very precise inner voice, that most of the time leads me in the right direction (if I don't ignore it).
21. I am not lazy, but an active person and am willing to go the extra mile if need be.
22. I have very soft skin.
23. I am a creative person and can sew nice things and clothes, paint a picture, draw, write a poem (and am in the process of writing a short story), do a collage, take pictures and arrange a room in a beautiful way.
24. I am a good cook and already cooked multi-course menus several times, which were praised by the people I cooked for.
25. I am a very practical person.
26. I can improvise easily in various areas of life and come up with solutions on the fly.
27. I never go to an invitation empty handed, but always bring a small thing for the host.
28. I always make sure to thank a host after an invitation (which often causes astonishment, but also pleasure for the person in question).
29. I give presents to people if I feel like doing so, even if there is no special event like a birthday or Christmas.
30. I have learned to say no to people or situations I don't feel comfortable with, i.e. "friendships" that are solely based on me giving and the other person receiving. I can say good bye to those people without looking back and without regret.
31. I am able to realize fairly quickly how someone ticks.
32. I, too, like my dark brown eyes.

I have to admit, it feels pretentious and very strange to brag about myself like this, but I do need to learn to see the positive in me and not only the negative. Well, once you get into the swing, it's quite fun actually - as you can see from the amount of points on this list!

Now it's your turn, Angel! I'm looking forward to your list!

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Awesome thanks for posting

Awesome thanks for posting all that!
My 2nd point was - My Genorosity/thoughtfullness (like buying small giftspostcards/txt message even) to show im thinking of others
My 3rd was - i am always 5 mins early rather than 5 mins late

I need to come up with another 2 points for next weeks therapy session!!!
But your right, its good to focus on something positive about yourself and especially points that arnt based on physical features

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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I like my skin. I always

I like my skin. I always mosturise, soft and smooth all over :)
I'm more of a positive person than a negative
I'm very charitable
I'm good with money/savings

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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