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I have only realised as i have begun this recovery how issolated and alone bulimia has made me i have few friends and am almost always housebound so worried about what everyone will think or say about me so in the weekend i tried real hard to go out but came home so disgusted with myself and the way i look and feel it was horrible I am so scarred that this is as good as it gets for me and that seems like a very lonely road ahead. I need skills to accept that i am good enough to just be me but as much as i try it just doesn't sink in anyone got any other ideas of how to overcome this issolation feeling

thanks julz

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I have this same

I have this same problem...when I was b/ping, I avoided situations where I'd be tempted to binge..which means I avoided going out with friends, parties, and I didn't go to a holiday gathering for years. Eventually my friends stopped asking me, and I found myself very alone. I am very shy by nature, I always have been, so it's very hard for me to make friends. Now, in my recovery, I still find myself avoiding eating situations- I'm still in the structured eating phase. I feel comfortable in it, I'm eating healthy, and haven't b/p for some time. But I still recognize that I can't eat normally yet.
I'm trying to think about it this way...I need time to recover. I need time to focus on me. I think, that as I recover and learn to love myself, that I will be open to having more friends.
You can't love others unless you love yourself first. I have taken a break from dating as well, for that reason. I know it's lonely, and I wish I could be more help. Bulimia is a very isolating thing..I've found that some people that do know about my problem don't seem to want to be around me.. I make them uncomfortable, it seems. They can't see me, they just see my ed.
I don't know...I feel lonely too..but I'm just trying to focus on getting my health back first, then I believe I will be ready for the outside world.
Stay strong, recovery is truly worth the hard wor;k we are doing now!! Hugs!

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