Looking for a friend with similar interests to connect with on Facebook

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Looking for a friend with similar interests to connect with on Facebook


I only have an iphone not a computer and I find this website a bit hard to use so in seldom here. But I would like to be!
Until there is an app to use I was hoping I could connect with someone who is willing, on Facebook instead.

For me the most important thing is that we have something else incommon apart from the eating disorder.
It would be nice to just chat about normal stuff, but always knowing we can understand each other on this bullimia thing too.

I'm 28 years old, I'm a personal trainer and yoga teacher. I love being outdoors and to travel.
I'm not extreme about training and have a lot of varied interests. In fact I never stick with one thing for very long. :P
I live with my partner in Australia, but I'm travelling now and for the coming few months.
I think I've covered every single religion and philosophy from the age of 8-28 to find something to belive in and am quite happy with the yogic explanation to the "divine". But I'm not religious nor very spiritual. Maybe I'm trying to be. It would be good to find comfort in something.

I like a straight forward way of communicating and of course optimism and a sense of humour :)

If there is anyone that would be keen to connect on Facebook please let me know. Would be awesome.

Lots of love!






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