looking for friends and support, please

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looking for friends and support, please

Hi all,

I have started recovery so many times, but i want this program to be the one than sticks. I would like some friends and support along the way, since i don't have it anywhere else (besides my husband, but need other support). I feel like i am so afraid of failing, i keep on purposefully making myself fail. I struggle with making a structured eating plan, especially when there is other things around the house (brought in by others, or there for my kids to have) that can lead me to fall off my structured eating plan. Im tired of the word willpower, because we all know that willpower is nothing to do with it. I feel like i just keep feeding (no pun intended) into the full-filling prophecy of failure.

i want to start properly, be consistent, but...

anyways, im looking for friends so that we can support each other on our journey, no matter what stage you are in.


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Hi, I started the recovery

Hi, I started the recovery one month ago, only lasted for one week. Nobody can understand us than ourselves, and I really like to make friends with you, we can keep in contact, and share our stories. Any time you need to talk to somebody, I am always there.
Hope you can get rid of bulimia soon!

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you are not a failure! you

you are not a failure! you are only a failure if you quit trying all together. you are still breathing and still alive. you can beat this! I know exactly how you feel. I feel like i've hit rock bottom so many times and that is can't get any worse, then it does.

what matters is that we keep trying and do what we can, little by little. we can't give up. i would love to be a friend and offer support.

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Hi, I would love to be a

Hi, I would love to be a support for you-and I hope we will help each other. This is my first time on this site for so long. I became so tired of ppl saying that just being on the site meant I want to recover, or that I can do it, or talking with other placating comments. I know everyone just means well, and they are trying to support me in a way that builds me up. But I just need to know someone is out there and that's it, so that we can figure out what we need together. I need to able to reach out and I hope you do too, and have someone say that I just HAVE to not have this or that. I just can't. What do you think?

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I'm also in the process of

I'm also in the process of recovery, but frustrated by my lack of progress. There's a part of me that would love to get rid of my bulimia, but another part that is more comfortable not changing, and unconvinced that I can change.

This site is great to inspire me when I hear others' success stories, and to help me feel less alone in empathizing with the struggles of others. I'd love to support anyone who would find it helpful and would also really appreciate support myself.

So please get in touch!

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For me, structured eating HAS

For me, structured eating HAS to be my top priority. Without it, bulimia continues to lurk. Structured eating is the foundation, the first line of defense against the binge urges. I have to commit to it 100% each and every day or I am destined to slip. It is time consuming to plan each night for the next day, and pack each meal and snack to take to work, but less exhausting and less time consuming than bulimia. It is not forever. One day, I will be an intuitive eater and "normal." For now, though, this is my life. And I accept it. Bulimia has no place in my life...

Stay the course. We can do this together.



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I would love to support you.

I would love to support you. My journey hasn't been straightforward either. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Tmr I decided to do gym

Tmr I decided to do gym everyday. An hr. Wake up brush teeth and do it. But I'm afraid when I'm awake, I'll forgo it. Ok now my leg seems reddish but still okay if everything is smooth bu I've got some stress lurking in me. I need to keep my diet strong la damn it and what bout the job that I'm with holding. It's too tedious and I can't. There isn't any familiarity in it that keeps me going. I need to get it cured first la aiya damn it may the good lord bless me amen.

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Am I trying to get alcohol to

Am I trying to get alcohol to cover it and get on with life? But why issit with alcohol then I'm able express and open up myself and etc. am I an alcoholic which I detest ppl saying me that?
Or should I accept it when ppl say I'm alcoholic and portray that I'm happy? Life is so contradicting. Is this the reality of life when we are all staying together?

It's going to be affecting. It does.
Im tired. This is mental torture.
I hope sgporens can totally relate to what I'm saying.
What's with all the contributions when inner family have lotsa conflicts and dismays when e govt couldn't see it at all?

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