Looking for support on the road to recovery

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Looking for support on the road to recovery

Hello all,

I am Wishes, and a few years ago I already made an account for this community. I am happy to say that when compared to a few years, I have changed enough, to be ready for the recovery. I am looking for, and are more than happy to give, support to anyone who feels they want to take this change, even it's just bit by bit, step by step. I have become milder towards myself, and actually this helps me in my recovery. I don't mind if my recovery takes longer, as long as I am recovering, that's most important. I hope to year from you soon. X

love of life

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Hi! I think it's awesome that


I think it's awesome that you finally find yourself in a place where you are ready to recover :)
50% of recovery is all about attitude. I know you will find the support you need from people here, keep coming back and reading, posting etc :)

All the best!

Life is too short to not be happy

diane joy
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Hi Whishes, I am quite new to

Hi Whishes,
I am quite new to it but already the BHM seems to help me more than any other "method" I tried so far. Still it feels shaky and insecure. But as you say, we have to take it bit by bit and it will need time.


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Hi Wishes! I joined a few

Hi Wishes! I joined a few months ago, and I think this method is helpful, but I'm still struggling a lot these days. It depends on the day, depends on the week- I feel that I have also become a little easier on myself (this is always difficult) after reading about how this is important to recovery. I have been thinking I really need someone to talk to that understands what this feels like as well, and I would love to help support you in your recovery! Please send me a message whenever you need to vent, I'll be happy to listen.



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Hello all, BHM didn't show

Hello all, BHM didn't show your reactions to my post, but NOW i finally see them :D

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! I feel strengthened by your kind words - and take this to progress further in my recovery - I will do everything to recover.
freakyblonde88 - thank you! I saw you are in a great place, which is fantastic.. I am confident that I will be on 'your side' ;) soon
diane joy - welcome to this community, and congrats to your first step to recovery. being able to have a safe place is very very helpful in your recovery. Please add me so we can help each other.
Lozza - Thank you for your great words and support! Yes I will definitely add you as support buddy, let's go through this together.

Thank you all, and I send you all warm warm warm hugs and lot's strength.


love of life

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