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Loss of period

Just wondering if anyone else here in recovery had lost their period/menstrual cycle as a result of their ED???
Mine stopped 18 months ago and when I mentioned it to my doctor at the time she said it was probably nothing to worry about it...I stupidly didn't admit to here that I was bulimic as I was afraid of her pushing me into a treatment facility (the prsopect of which I was terrified of). I haven't told anyone that it still hasn't come back and I'm frightened that it never will and that I'll never be able to have children when the time comes...HELP!

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YES YES YES! This happens. In

YES YES YES! This happens. In fact, it happened to me last year... and...my doctor said the same thing. I was afraid to tell him that I had a Ed, but once I did, it explained the missed periods. That means your body is in starvation mode and you aren't getting the necessary nutrients you need. And your body fat percentage is probably really low. That's my guess. That's okay because you can get everything back to healthy for sure!! Once, I admitted it to him and started my medications, my anxiety decreased... I started eating more, gained weight ( this part is a drag) and now I am back on my cycle. Sucky, but it means I am in the healthy range again.

Have you noticed yourseld being more anxious, paranoid and worried about a lot of things? Starvation makes you do that. I thought I was too big to be starving myself because I only lost ONE PANT SIZE, well the extreme case I went down two but that lasted 2 months... the entire time I've been bulimic. Plus, I ate such shitty foods. When I lost my period and could see my bones sticking out- I knew I went too far.

My body is no where near "normal". It's still adjusting to structured eating, less exercise and digesting more food. Especially foods it hasn't dealt with in years.This takes time, but in a few months you'll see how much progress you've made.

Try and see if you can make an appointment with your doctor. That is- when you are ready. I know how hard it is to admit to someone that you have an eating disorder. Once it was off my chest, it opened up many different pathways in my recovery process. Your doctor will probably get on you on some medications and/ or vitamins to start to bring up your chemistry levels to normal!

Hang in there! Welcome to an awesome, helpful community! xo

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I'm so sorry just saw this

I'm so sorry just saw this now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It is some comfort to know you've been through it and that yours has come back...I suppsoe I'm just petrified because I've been without my cycle for so long...and I feel so stupid for not flagging it with a doctor before now about my ED but the time has come to face facts and lessen the burden!
I suppose I'm being cowardly as I'm afraid of the telling off I will get when I tell my doctor!!!
I've recently lost a neighbour to an ED and this propelled me to join this site properly and commit to my own recovery! I feel a bit more courageous now and definitely more determined so I think you're right that I need to confide in a medical professional to get extra help! As always J your words resonate so strongly and I appreciate every word of support and encoruagement that you give me!

You're so good thank you :-) xx

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hey.....this happened to me

hey.....this happened to me and I didn't get my periods back to a normal cycle for a number of years. I was anorexic when my periods first stopped and then i thought I had put on enough weight for them to come back but they didn't and it reel confused me. Then I went on the pill.....I thought that being on the pill my hormones wud naturally get back into a normal cycle but when I came off my periods still weren't there.....
They're back to normal now tho.....I think a lot of it was a result of my fluctuating weight and thinking I had gained enough when reel I hadn't. Agreed its a total drag putting on weight and goes against everything our mind is telling us but this is the only way to make sure they come back :) you can do this!!

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It happened to me, too:( I

It happened to me, too:( I started taking the Pill, but got so to where that when I did start my (fake?, forced?) period I would pass out a lot at work and stuff. So, now on the pill again, so that I won't get a cycle. But now that I'm heavier in recovery I would probably have a normal cycle, just so scared to start fainting again.

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