lost and alone

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lost and alone

Ive never failed anything but my life seems to be tumbling down
i cant go a day without b/p anymore and i cant study for my major exam its such a distraction
Feeling so lost and alone.
Would love some support and what anyone else is finding helpful in recovery? Also study tips?

you're all beautiful

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well you are definintly not

well you are definintly not alone, i know that its feels that way most of the time... and i know what you mean about studying! seems everytime i need to sit down to complete an assignment ED takes over and i end up b/ping. the only quick tip i can think of would be to chew gum or get up and walk around every ten mins or so... you can do it girl!! be strong! Im right here with ya ;)

Catherine Liberty
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Hi! I really remember the


I really remember the stress that my own bulimia put me under while I was studying. It really made it so hard, and I used to panic all of the time that I wouldn't make it through.

On top of that it does get scary when you realize that you can't go without bingeing or purging. But I want you to remember that you are not alone in this, not anymore. You have everyone here and we'll all be more than happy to be there for you every step of the way.

I think one of the best things about this site is that you really can share anything, any thoughts and feelings and someone will always "get it".

Keep working hard on recovery and I promise you things will get a lot easier soon. I noticed in your status that you said you can never get through day 2, I was similar - for me it was the curse of day 5, I really hated day 5 because "i knew" it was my limit. The first day I got past that day 5 my eyes were opened to how strong I could really be, and when you finally find a way to get through your day 2 you'll feel the same.

Try out as many new strategies as you can, treat the recovery program like your bible and come here for all the support you need - those things really helped me on my own journey.

Keep fighting lovely, you really can do this!

Take care,

Catherine x

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