Major binge - on fruit

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Major binge - on fruit

Ow OOWWW ow. I just binged on about a kilo of fruit. Do others do this? In the misguided belief that somehow if you're eating fruit it's OK? Then you just want to puke but you think no, no, mustn't do it, because bulimia is NOT how i want to live my life? I just ate my lunch. I want to keep my lunch down because i want to be WELL. Help, help, help. I hate everything.

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This is super recognisable! I

This is super recognisable! I used to do this allmost daily to avoid binging on fast food. Sometimes I did not plan to purge, but I most of the time felt so full, I could not help myeself!

Binging on fruit is probably better then on junk food, but it is still binging and therefor harmful to your body.

I dont really know how I overcame this. Probably because I realised that I was not honest with myself. As I felt like I was doing better, as actually I just changed binging on fast food for fruit.. I still love fruit, and most days I will eat more then the recommended two pieces, but I did not binge on it since a long time..

Good luck keeping in in,this will only make you stronger in the future to opt for not binging because of the uncomfortable full feeling afterwards.

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday!

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Ah yes...the classical out of

Ah yes...the classical out of control fruit munching. I do this often and im thinking 'ahahahaha at least it isnt pancakes or chocolate...fruit baby' but i still feel just as horrible afterwards. When will we ever learn?....
Try not to throw up though.
I over ate quite a bit today (insane hangover) so i threw up a little because i was MASSIVELY full. Thats just uncomfortable..... I sort of wish i never now because i feel the urge to eat again.
Hangovers are weird, i either eat EVERYTHING or nothing at all.
Try your best to keep that fruit in your stomach librarian! I hope you succeed.

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There are certain types of

There are certain types of fruit that I can't keep in the apt because I will inhale every ounce immediately. So, yes, I know about binging on fruit and it IS mighty painful, but do yourself a huge favour by keeping those nutrients locked inside your belly. The pain will subside in a half hour and you'll have a wicked bowel movement before too long. Think of it as a cleansing experience.

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could'nt of said it better myself

fruit is good for you, yes. plenty of fiber which will be very uncomfortable if you over do it, but do not fret most fruit is mainly water which means you're hydrating yourself in the process. mass quantities of it can spike your blood sugar but i still think fruit is a way better solution to a sweet craving. cantaloupes are wonderful, they'll fill you up, hydrate you, and regulate your guts. trust me. hold it down, you're getting vitamins that you wouldnt get from the more common bingy foods.

eating mass quantities is still a binge i suppose but if you eat something filling that you know is good for you, eventually you'll realize that you are helping yourself even if it feels like you ate too much. you're much better off stomaching it.

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Although I still am fighting

Although I still am fighting the battle, I have found that regularly eating a fruit and nut mixture (without peanuts) is a great way to grab something quick, sweet and healthy all in one snack. It satisfies my sugar craving and boosts my good fats intake. Costco carries a mixture with walnuts, almonds, cranberries and cherries that is so excellent. I don't ever seem to over eat them and they digest so easily compared with a lot of other foods.

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I did this every day when I

I did this every day when I was in the grip of anorexia..please please do not purge it is THE WORST. so much acid. fruit is really good for you, but lara87 is right, you need to be really honest with yourself without beating yourself up. i wish you the best of luck xxxxxxxx

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