Marijuana and binge eating

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Marijuana and binge eating

So I have smoked in the past and always got the classic munchies after smoking.. and to say I didnt over eat when high would be a lie. I don't think i would put it quite into binge territory though.

but then I stopped smoking for a couple years. The same couple years I 'dieted' and then developed a eating disorder.

At this point I am pretty desperate to try anything to get my minds juices flowing differently. I have had so much anxiety and depression lately it seems impossible to stop binging and purging. so I have been smoking at night the past few nights just to see if it helps or not.

I have not even eaten anything each time I smoke. I make sure I eat dinner before I smoke because I do not really want to have weed and food be associated in my brain. And then I smoke (a tiny amount relative to most people) and do whatever. Its not that food doesn't come to my brain and the thought of binging still comes up. But the difference is, I am able to stop and focus on myself. I ask myself and really feel whether I am hungry or not. I imagine how I will feel with a full stomach and say to myself.. nah im good. And then the thought passes as I move back to what I was doing before the thought of food comes up. It might come back a few times. But each time I am able to let the thought pass and not turn into an obsession. Whereas before once the flame of food crosses my mind it spreads until I am consumed by the thought of binging.

Anyway, its just very interesting that something that is notorious for giving people 'munchies' has actually freed me from mine. Which makes me very curious as to the roots of my binge eating, if it is not comparative to just having an appetite.

I don't know where you guys stand on weed but please don't judge me. I just wanted to share what might work for me and see what your experiences are with marijuana and bulimia/binge eating.

Coach Jen
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Good topic- no judgments

Good topic- no judgments here. I have recently started smoking again too- I was so scared I would get the munchies and relapse, but when I do get them I really just want a small bite of several things- not a binge at all. If I eat first, and have a snack in mind for later, then it is very in-control and enjoyable, a lot like what you are saying. I think the weed itself is very calming, thus taking off that edge and urgency of a binge. I would definitely make sure to eat first though, b/c inhibitions can be altered.
Honestly, the worst threat I ever have now of a relapse is if I don't eat all day and get drunk. I would most definitely relapse then, but not on pot. Of course, everybody's different, so I'm not recommending that anyone try it, or say that it won't be harmful to some.
And how has it affected your mind juices? Mine seem to be flowing very creatively these days :-)

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You both are soooo lucky!! I

You both are soooo lucky!! I used to be the biggest stoner you could come across meaning I would be stoned all day every day. My therapist would tell me that it was triggering my eating disorder but I was always in denial and assumed I would binge anyways whether or not I was stoned. When my eating disorder was at a terrible low and becoming completely unmanageable I decided to try going clean for a while. I stayed clean for three months and did notice an incredible improvement, I still did b/p but not even close to as often as before. About a month ago I decided to try smoking again hoping that I could handle it or maybe even be able to only smoke on special occasions. Turns out I couldn't. I went straight back to my old ways so after about 2 weeks I quit again and have been clean ever since. I miss smoking weed so much, but I know that in this stage in my recovery I just can't handle it yet. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to, but for now I have to stay clean for the sake of my recovery. Wish I could have it as a positive influence like you both, so I'm telling you to enjoy it and maybe one day I can do the same :)

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Jen- I just feel like my body


I just feel like my body does not want to be unhealthy when I smoke. Like instead of binging making my anxiety levels go down it makes them go up. Which no one wants. I actually did binge after smoking the other night and it was pretty much THE most unenjoyable, forced, stupidest thing ever, and I haven't binged since. I feel like it is helping me more than anything else I have tried.. not just with eating but with just being a more content, open, kind, caring person.

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Omg. I have bern Feling so

Omg. I have bern Feling so guilty over smoking mariuanna.. I have not smoked for a while last time I smoked i was anorexic and it did help to actually enjoy food and focus on "the now" .. Everything seemed more clear when I smoked and it really helped me lower my anxiety .. I have been scared to smOke bc people always talk about the munchies! But i suppose drugs , alcohol and food affects people differently ? Like I binge because of stress and anxiety and if weed helps me to get rid of that, there is no reason for me to binge? I would be fun to make a study wether it could help bulimics.. It can help depression and a lot of bulimics are depressed right ? However the dangours thing is probably bulimics addictive nature ..

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safiyaismaili- It seems a bit


It seems a bit contradictory because weed is notorious for giving people the munchies. But it doesn't have to be like that.

But there are three key things that make binging while high unlikely:

1. With the munchies you want to TASTE food, not pummel it into your mouth and fast as you can as much as you can. You can for sure over eat when you have the munchies but its not in the same mind frame as a binge. It is not out of control. And for most of us.. if we did not have the out of control 'beyond our will power' urges.. we probably would not binge.

2. Increased self awareness. Honestly the last thing I want to do when I'm high is fill myself to an uncomfortable level. It just sounds like a terrible terrible idea. I am able to listen to my body, feel hunger, and eat enough to satisfy my hunger. It allows me to cue into my body and its cues.

3. Purging while high? Forget it. It is the absolute most distressing thing EVER. There is no getting around feeling paranoia at that point. I did it one time and it was the most unnatural, nerve racking (sp?), stressful experience.. ever. I know without a doubt in my mind I will never purge after smoking again.

To me the effects of weed are what you make of it.

For instance.. if I think I am going to be paranoid after smoking i WILL be paranoid after smoking. If I think I am going to be depressed after smoking I WILL be depressed. And so on.

What I have found is not so much that smoking magically reduces my anxiety. It actually brings my anxiety right to the forefront. It gives my anxiety a voice.. instead of it just being generic nervous grocery store brand noise. It allows me to look into myself and ask "what EXACTLY is the source of the anxiety I am feeling right now?" and then I am able to talk myself through it and deal with it appropriately.

Obviously this is all just in my own experience. Do what works for you. :)

Another thing is I try not to associate eating and smoking very much. I will not smoke when i plan on eating a meal soon. I will wait until after I am done eating to smoke. But, by not making them associate with each other also means if I get hungry after smoking I don't NOT eat. Because that would fuel the association. Just like we associate restricting with binging. Same idea.

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I have stopped purging

I have stopped purging completely, for obvious reasons. But I'm finding I'm continuing to binge, or overeat I should say. Last night I came home at midnight, after a healthy day of eating AT LEAST 2200 calories following the food guide, made a sandwich and had some grapes. Then ate a large piece of carrot cake and a piece of cream cheese pie. It certainly could have been a lot worse, but that's quite a big serving of sugar, especially right before bed (I had great dreams though!) Every time this happens, I am stoned or burnt out. You would think I would stop smoking, but pot is something I enjoy and a lot of the time it is offered to me in social situations so it's hard to say no!

Every time this happens, afterwards I always get annoyed at myself and think "Why didn't I just stop and think about it? Why didn't I just drink water and wait until I felt satisfied?" These are the same questions I asked myself after a binge brought on from restrictive dieting.

Anyways, these eating patterns are a nuisance to someone who's trying to be healthy and is still having body image issues.

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My thought here is to take

My thought here is to take caution not to use pot to avoid feeling/coping with what's going on in your life.

My bulimia was an escape - a way of not having to feel whatever was going on in my life (stress, depression, rejection, worthlessness). If you find that you can use pot for a while to help you on your way out of the b/p cycle as you ALSO strengthen your ability to cope with life's events, then I would support you in your choice. I would caution that smoking up instead of coping and loving yourself will never lead you to long-term recovery. If you can honestly say to yourself that it's harmless recreational use, then you're on a good track.

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Hmm, thanks for the responses

Hmm, thanks for the responses everyone.

My smoking was short lived when I first posted this topic. My depression has worsened so much it would be a terrible idea to smoke at this point.

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Aw Stephanie - I'm sorry to

Aw Stephanie - I'm sorry to hear that. What do you have to be so sad about?

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scarlet dahlia
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Depression is not rational. I

Depression is not rational. I don't believe it can be cured or fixed by rational thinking such as, "I have nothing to be depressed about. Therefore, I shouldn't be depressed."

I believe depression can be permanently reversed by practicing love, for oneself and for others. Love is not rational. It is a deep sensation from our heart, and its effects can be translated in many ways in our brain, such as the emotions: joy, happiness, compassion, satisfaction, empathy, etc. But love comes from the heart.

Thinking about why you shouldn't be depressed will most likely produce feelings of guilt. This doesn't help at all. This is the trap I fell in for most of my depressed part of life.

About smoking: if it helps you to learn to love yourself, then it is a fantastic medium. If it creates self-awareness that you can detect even after the high, then it is good. This means you are practicing while high and the benefits resound afterwards.

If your smoking is a coping mechanism like Polly said, then it will simply replace other addictions. I suggest journalling during your highs and reading them later. Practice self-love with words to yourself while you are high.

By the way, I wish I could smoke. But it seems that every time I ever tried (many, many times) during my life I became anxious. And I hate inhaling smoke. If I could take in THC in any other way, I would. I HATE inhaling smoke so much. Also, there's the whole drug testing for jobs problem. Quite a sad thing it is to ban a substance that can be used for healing, to make it taboo and overly-desired.

It is the animate earth that speaks. Human speech is but a part of that vaster discourse. --David Abram, "Spell of the Sensuous"

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I cant stop smoking weed!!!

I cant stop smoking weed!!! every time right before i smoke i seem to convince myself that this time will be different and i wont binge but i ALWAYS DO!! how do i stop this????

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