Meal planning troubles

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Meal planning troubles

Hello all,

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make meal planning not so painful? I am hating it. I hate thinking about food and find nothing really to be appetizing. I don't enjoy or look forward to any food at the moment so thinking about it ahead of time is even more awful to me than thinking about it on the spot. Do any of you have any suggestions for making meal planning easier, or ideas for meals and snacks that you currently use for your own meal plans?


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I am not a pro at meal

I am not a pro at meal planning, but I can share what works for me.
One day at a time.
I don't make things too complicated. I aim for a protein, a fat, and a carbohydrate at each meal and that is it. I used to overload on veggies to bulk it up, but really, I noticed that this can pretty hard on my digestive system.
Some suggestions for meals, snacks that I use are the following:

I make baggies of nuts, dried figs, dried fruits for a snack pretty much every day.
Fruit smoothies with a protein powder for breakfasts
Cut up fruit with nut butter
Crackers and cheese
Veggies and hummus
Boiled eggs
Toasts and spreads
Yogurts and berries with nuts

Sandwiches (hummus, egg salad, tuna, peanut butter and banana, cheese, BLT's)
Soups with lots of veggies and a protein
Protein, starch and salad
Bean chili's
Eggs and toast
Pasta dishes

I say at the beginning...KEEP IT SIMPLE. It doesn't have to be so glamorous or amazing. You are feeding your body and that is what counts. You can eat and move on with your day.

Meal planning does help as it takes any anxiety away of contemplating all day about what you are going to eat etc. It is written down. You know. You can let it be.

Later on you will discover what tastes you REALLY love. I know that my tastes were masked because I was so used to just binge food. I didn't even know what I really wanted or what my body loved. I was just eating and not thinking.

Try some new things. You might like it. You may not. That is okay. You are rediscovering eating again. It is a whole new world!

Cheerio for now.

P.S. Your food might look a whole lot different. That is okay! Sometimes we compare too much and well, everyone eats differently and wants different things. I am just giving my suggestions here. Take what you can and leave the rest.


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Thanks Larissa! Your ideas

Thanks Larissa! Your ideas are very helpful! Right now Ive been eating every three hours and have basically been doing structured eating just without really planning it out before hand. I know I need to start making meal plans, and that it will help reduce anxiety around meal times, its just all been very overwhelming!

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Take a little moment to

Take a little moment to yourself to figure out the kind of foods you like to eat, don't try force down things you don't like. In the beginning keep it simple and as easy as possible on yourself. I personally believe being prepared helps me. I always make up my lunches and snacks to take to work the night before. Doesn't have to take long. Fruits and nuts, yogurts, Jelly, vegetable sticks, low fat chips, even just a quick sandwich or a few bits of salad thrown together with some meat/fish....I used to love cooking but when im at my worst I don't like to spend ages or plan etc so I eat easy quick meals, nothing fussy....and when im doing a bit better I dig the cookbooks out. Seriously don't stress.
I like shakes and a piece of fruit for bf
snacks are dried fruit/nuts/fresh fruit ad jelly with yogurt, veg sticks with hummous, popcorn, low fat rice cakes with peanut butter
Lunch is usually meat/fish with large salad and a side of rye crackers or soup with salad and oatcakes, or a low fat sandwich and salad
Snack again as above...I quite often eat some low sugar chocolate or normal chocolate with a cup of tea if I have been very healthy , most nights actually I snack on some chocolate and tea before bed...low cal hot choc is also a good option if you have a sweet tooth
Evening meal is any meat/ not fussy, a carb, like sweet potato, brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread or a wholegrain like quinoa or bulger wheat or millet grain. I love chickpeas. And always lots of veg and salad with all my meals and snacks.
I eat healthy sauces and dips like soy sauce, mustard, salsa, even a little brown sauce or ketchup is fine.
Low fat ice cream with fruit, meringue nests with fruit, yogurts...I drink tea and coffee all day long.

Its all personal tatses so don't base it oo much on what every one else eats, as you probably have your own safe and trigger foods and we are all different. But keep in simple and easy in the beginning and as the urges and food thoughts lesson on then start being creative slowly but comfortably.

Remember its just food...don't fear it, Its YOU who is in control NOT the food.

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Thanks Angel! I'm going to

Thanks Angel! I'm going to start actually planning out my meals this week. I eat similarly to the way you and Larissa do now already. My problem isn't really the food itself, its more just the idea of everything. I think Im just feeling overwhelmed and need to get used to it all. Thanks for the support! Its much needed and appreciated! : )

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Courtney you asked the exact

Courtney you asked the exact question I'm struggling with at the moment! I've been thinking about attempting structured eating for months now but it's so daunting. I like Angel's suggestion of making a list of foods that you like, and then building meals from there. Let me know how your meal planning is going, you're giving me the strength to do it myself!

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Sarah, It's getting


It's getting better. I've been googling meal plans in the calorie category that I know I need to reach, for ideas, which has been helping. I think I was just making it more difficult than it needed to be. I restricted my diet to a very extreme extent before attempting recovery, so giving structured eating a stab consumed me with fear. I knew I needed to reach a certain calorie category, but I thought trying to develop my own plan and add up the calories of everything would be too much for me right now. Then trying to find meal plans online, I was finding it hard to find plans that included my "safe" foods. I realized that I was just stressing over it way too much though and that finding pre made plans online made it much easier. As long as I know that the plan is in the calorie category that I need to reach, I don't need to count calories or stress about it. I'm still not quite where I need to be as far as daily calorie intake but I am increasing slowly to allow my body time to adjust.

I have been gaining weight with structured eating but my boyfriend (who I probably could not do this without) has been very supportive and has been telling me that I look better, healthier, sexier and that I really needed to gain this weight. I am trying to embrace it and look at my body differently. I do feel better, more energized, and focused. Seeing my body change is difficult, but I know that the change is necessary for my wellbeing.

We can all do this together, one step at a time. Change can't happen over night, embrace the small victories!

Let every day be a brand new start!

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