Meditation and Bulimia

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Meditation and Bulimia

In meditation recently I learned a technique that asks you label thoughts and let them pass by, instead of indulging in the rant that thoughts go into. You just sit quietly, close your eyes, and as they float by, label them and concentrate on the pauses in between (a great exercise!). I think this could be very helpful in bulimia recovery. I want to begin to challenge myself to label the ED temptation/chatter as "ED Thought" an letting it float by as apposed to letting myself get wrapped into it. It is so easy to believe the lies when you let the ED have a voice.

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Yes i started meditation a

Yes i started meditation a while ago and researched into and i have done a couple of guided meditations from youtube, it has all the right motives and aspects that if you improve will most defiantly cure you from bulimia if not help a hell of alot to recover quicker i felt.

If i can controll my thoughts and be able to only think about the things i want to think about and naturally block out all the small chatter that goes on- imagine that! Its a great skill to master and i'm excited to be able to do that.

I hope to join this meditation center that is near me and its a place of classes for all different mediators from experienced to beginners. I think this will be a great thing for me because i feel to be able to meditate with others and be able to ask questions and learn from others to help myself with it because i have found it quite tough and i just feel like i'm doing it wrong and all this self doubt.. So to talk to someone else thats experienced would be great and more exciting :)

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Meditation has been a

Meditation has been a lifesaver for me, in absolutely every way. It definitely helped me with eating and food. I recommend getting involved in a community, because it's much easier to stick with the practice if you have friends to check in with and a place to 'sit' once a week or so.

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I'm seriously considering

I'm seriously considering this, I've just got to find a class in my area. I'm starting yoga tonight :)

But stand up and never say never
'Cause this life is gonna get better
Take a breath, shake it off and say
I'm on my way

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