Menstruation and hunger

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Menstruation and hunger

Hey everybody!

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to deal with your menstruation...I just feel like in these days in so much more hungry! And I want to eat sweets all the time, for every meal!

I'm doing it to avoid bingeing, but even like that, yesterday I overage because I was so anxious about being so hungry (and anxious...hahha yes, I get anxious about being anxious).

Does anyone have any strategies to deal with this? Is it normal?

Love to all!


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Check out some helpful tips

Check out some helpful tips here:

Good luck! ;-)

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I think when its your time of

I think when its your time of the month its best to give your body what it craves.
I had insane cravings for Chocolate the other week which I fought long and hard all day, but then when I finally gave in I felt so much better about myself an it really satisfied my craving.
Also the more you try and fight with what your body is craving, the more at risk you are of binging later on in the day/week.
So I advise next time a craving hits. really listen to your body. Give it what it is asking for. This is the best thing possible to avoid and disaster situations later on.

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